Using Yuup messenger to contact customers

By Yuup

Last updated on Monday 29 January 2024

Whether you want to say thank you for a new booking or share important information before an experience, Yuup messenger makes it simple and easy to contact your customers. 

Messaging a customer

To message a customer, go to the bookings tab in the host portal and choose from the drop-down menu to find the customer booking in confirmed, waiting confirmation, to be scheduled, completed or cancelled. Once you’ve found the booking of the customer you’d like to send a message to, click view full booking and you’ll be taken to the booking details page. Here you'll find the option to message customer.

Messaging a customer on Yuup Booking details Yuup

Your customers can also send a message to you through Yuup messenger. When a customer contacts you through the Yuup messenger portal, you’ll get an email notification from us, which will show you the customer’s message. In this email we’ll share a link for you to log in to the Yuup host portal and reply. Clicking the link will take you straight to the conversation in the messages tab.

Managing your messages

To access all your messages in one place, you can go to the messages tab, where you’ll find an overview of all your customer conversations. At the top of each conversation you’ll find the customer’s booking details if they’ve bought an experience, and useful information like the experience bought, number of tickets sold, the date of their experience and the booking status.  

You messages on Yuup

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