About Yuup

About Yuup

We help curious customers to discover and enjoy unique Bristol experiences.

Yuup is a new Bristol based digital marketplace for experiences.

We founded Yuup because we love local community, we love experiences and we love Bristol.

We believe that connecting local businesses with local customers helps to build stronger and more resilient communities. We love to see local enterprises thrive, the local butcher with a queue out the door, the library extending its opening hours, the exercise class in the park or the artisan in their workshop, working into the night.

We believe these enterprises can offer fun, diverse, original and varied experiences to local people and in turn, create new revenue streams and attract new customers. We have built Yuup to help them by providing the tools to develop, promote, manage and deliver experiences. If you’re a Bristol business owner or creator curious to join us, find out more about becoming a Yuup experience host.

We’ve always been passionate about experiences and like many, we would far rather receive an experience as a gift, that another physical possession. However, buying and gifting experiences is often frustrating. We sometimes have to visit many websites to find the right experience, close to home, that we could book easily. So, we decided to use our 20+ years of technology experience to try and make it all a bit simpler.

Why Bristol? It’s a city that we know and love. Our team has more than 25 years’ experience growing successful digital businesses in Bristol, and we are delighted with the response we have had from hundreds of the city’s creative entrepreneurs eager to showcase their experiences on Yuup.

Where possible we have tried to invest in Bristol as part of building Yuup. Our development partners, our marketing partners, our team are all from Bristol and we intend to keep spending our money in the city.

The result is Yuup.co. We hope you love it, we hope you find experiences you want to try, and many of you decide to offer experiences yourself.

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We believe communities who say yes become more vibrant and resilient.

Experiences can be as diverse, original and varied as the people who create them