A bit about us

A bit about us

We’re the place for extraordinary experiences with passionate local people

In every city there are countless creatives, side hustlers, and small indie businesses that give that city its own unique flavour and personality. A city just isn’t a city without its passionate local people, and that’s what inspired us when we started Yuup in 2020.

Born in Bristol, a city bursting at the seams with diversity and creativity, we found (before Yuup) that it was really difficult to find a way to really get stuck in to all the experiences that cities across the UK had to offer- especially experiences with local people and indie businesses.

We couldn’t find it, so we decided to be it!

We're a team made up of individuals that have a deep love for supporting local and discovering new things. Together, we have built Yuup to help people develop, promote, manage and deliver experiences so that side hustles and dreams can turn into actual income for locals. We make it easy for hosts to set up and sell experiences.

For some of our hosts, experiences are their main business and for others, Yuup provides an alternative source of income. We even have hosts that simply want a platform where they can share their knowledge and skills with others. The dad that's a brilliant baker, the florist that's a care worker, the shop owner that knows a thing or two about pottery- you’ll find them all on Yuup.

Yuup is all about supporting the communities that need us most. We’re a platform that encourages diversity and creativity and we’re a place where people follow their passions, create memories, and discover things that make life awesome.

Want to join us on the ride? You only need to say Yuup!

If you’re a small business owner or creator curious to join us, find out more about becoming a Yuup experience host.

We support communities that need us most and turn side hustles and dreams into actual income for locals

With Yuup, people follow passions, create memories, and discover things that make life awesome

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