How can we help?

How can we help?

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Yuup is a new, Bristol based digital marketplace for experiences. We exist to help individuals and enterprises create, promote and host experiences, and to help customers find original things to do and gift in their local community. We have created an amazing range of things you can do right now in Bristol, we have over 100 experiences, ranging from making your own jewellery to making graffiti art.

Because we love experiences. We think local experiences offered by passionate, talented hosts help create vibrant and resilient local communities, and we believe experiences offer additional, diversified revenue to these hosts and the businesses they own. We wanted to make it simple for people in Bristol to find and book these experiences.

The team behind Yuup has more than 25 years' experience founding and growing successful digital businesses. We have always run businesses in Bristol, we're based in Bristol, we love Bristol and we are proud to be working with experience hosts from the city to help bring Yuup to life.

Through our platform we provide a service to the hosts offering experiences and we charge a commission for this on every experience sold.

The best and quickest way is by using the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the website. You can also email us at or find our telephone number at Or alternatively once you’ve created an account on you can message us directly.

Yuup was born in Bristol and we are focused on Bristol right now. We have experiences stretching from Thornbury to the Mendips and Clevedon to Bath.

Experiences can be as diverse and varied as the people who create them. On Yuup you will find florists who can teach flower arranging and wreath making, butchers who share butchery secrets, actresses who tell ghost stories and craftspeople who'll help you make a BBQ out of scrap metal. Yuup will help you find and book an experience in minutes, and our hosts will create memories that last a lifetime.

Yes, please do. Experiences make fantastic gifts. We have built features to make it easy to find, choose, buy and gift experiences for an individual or a group. We have met grandmothers who treat the whole family to a shared experience at Christmas, and friends who surprise old mates with an experience-based reunion. We want to create many more shared memories like this.

Most of our experiences are suitable for children, although many do have age limits e.g. 8+, and some like wine tasting are 18+. We are also planning some special edition experiences aimed specifically at children and families, especially during school holidays. There is a minimum age section on each listing.

Yuup is inclusive and wants to help local people and enterprises benefit from offering experiences. For launch we have scoured Bristol looking for partners to present hundreds of experiences across 6 categories. We want to provide an opportunity for thousands of hosts, so have made it very easy for anybody to list their experiences.

Virtual experiences are brilliant, but we are sticking to in person experiences for now, so they can help build vibrant and resilient local communities.

One of our favourite things about experiences is how people love different ones. This means it is very difficult to decide if something is good. The best thing is to read the descriptions and the reviews and decide yourself.

Yes, we can. We get many enquiries from creative people who would love to host experiences but have nowhere to do it. Please get in touch by emailing

Just go to Host an experience in the main menu and follow the onboarding steps. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Log-in to your account on and you can manage your booking there, including the option to send a message to Yuup or you experience host.

Yes, we would like that very much. After you completed your experience you will receive an email asking for a review. You can also leave a review by logging into and going to your past experiences.

We hope we have made this very easy. Find the experience you want, decide whether you want to book the date now or schedule later, and purchase. Any problems please just contact us using the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the website, or call us using the number at

When you purchase an experience, you can choose to gift it. You can then decide whether to download a gift card (we’ll also email it to you) or share the gift with the lucky recipient direct from Gift cards must be redeemed within 365-days, but don’t worry we’ll make sure we keep reminding you (or if you prefer the gift recipient) to redeem it.

Our experience hosts are a hardy lot, used to the Bristol weather, so most go ahead whatever the weather. There are some exceptions where it is not possible to run experiences in certain weather conditions for safety reasons. Where this is the case it will be stated on the experience page. If your experience is cancelled because of weather you will be contacted and given the choice of a refund or reschedule.

Unfortunately, no. We are a web only service.

Of course, we want to make every experience as special as possible. Just add a note to your booking, and we will see what we can do.

We really hope every experience goes brilliantly, but if something goes wrong we definitely want to hear about it. Please just contact us using the message option within your account.

We will send you confirmation of your booking by email once the host has confirmed. If you mislay, delete or can’t access your ticket, don’t worry you will be able to access your booking on Just login and you will be able to access all you experiences both past and future.

When you click login, there is a forgotten password button.

We think experiences are a perfect outing at this time. Most experiences are small group activities and all our experience listings have a social distancing section, which explains the particular measures relevant to that experience.