Lewis Wright

Meet the team: Lewis Wright, Partnerships Manager

Last updated on Tuesday 2 July 2024

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Lewis, 32 and originally from Hertfordshire. I’m the Partnerships manager for Yuup. Before joining Yuup I spent 5 years working in Artist Development, helping young artists navigate their way through the digital music industry. 

People would describe me as someone who’s upbeat and tries not to take life too seriously! -  
Likes: music, dogs (who doesn’t!?), food (x 2), and sport (which allows me to eat more food) 
Dislikes: Ironically, the sound of someone eating (hate it.) 


Tell us a bit about your role at Yuup?

During my time at Yuup I’ve been responsible helping Yuup launch in Birmingham whilst also overseeing the growth of our hosts and partnerships in Bristol and Bath. 
What made me join Yuup? … Asides from all the hundreds of amazing and interesting things to do on Yuup the social impact Yuup has on a city is incredible and the fact it’s a business making a genuine positive social difference, when I first saw the ad I just wanted to be part of a company that has such an impact of peoples lives.


What’s your favourite thing about working for Yuup? 
This past two years has been an incredible journey for both myself personally and the business. This is genuinely the most amazing bunch of people I’ve worked alongside - coupled with some great mentoring. 
I’m greeted every day with a smile and by a team full of personality. Everyone has a voice and say in helping us grow as a business and helping our community of hosts thrive alongside.


What experience do you have your eyes on and what experiences have you done through Yuup? 
So far, I’ve attend a night of comedy and food with Belly Laughs and the Revel Puck circus with the team - I’d like to try the sound depravation pod, learning to ride a unicycle and sheep herding!


What’s the best thing about living in Bristol?
There’s something for every occasion, there’s some amazing areas of countryside and woodlands, or you go into the city centre for a night of drum and bass in a church. 
It’s never a dull day in the city, even wandering without purpose alway results in discovering something new!  


Do you have any favourite haunts or hidden gems in Bristol? 
Too many to list which coincidentally all revolve around food… so I’ll try to be a bit more obscure! 

The Garden of Eden is a great little spot to have some lunch amongst the 100’s of plants they have in the cafe. My secret spot in Abbots Leigh where you can just completely escape from the city hustle, with no other soul in site! - The Stockwood bike track, which is great to spend a day pretending I’m a decade younger jumping around on my bike. Finally, The Lanes… which his an amazing venue & bowling alley which still holds a unique dated charm.


What would be your perfect weekend in Bristol? 
Waking up nice and early, with a quick trip up to Pinkmans or Harts Bakery walking alongside the river which is nice and peaceful early morning and has some great views. Then picking up Taco (the dog I look after) and wandering round Leigh woods or Ashton court. 
Picking up some lunch at Sandwich Sandwich! 
I’d then head up to Gloucester Road to stop off at a nice pub to meet some friends and play some pool, maybe a couple rounds of bowling at the Lane.  
Then checking out some live music, a few favourite spots for this are Strange Brew, Crofters, Old Duke, Clock Factory or Motion if I’m feeling spritely. Then finally topped off by a late-night stop to Taka Taka Pita club box! 
Sunday would involve an amazing roast, of which I’ve had many. Pasture is definitely up there, along the The George Inn and the Old Market Assembly


Is there anything else we should know about you? 
Music has always been my passion in life, and I’ll always have ambitions of it being able to make it full time, although I’m always finding life gets in the way! - I love sport, whether it’s football, table-tennis, pool bowling, bouldering. Food is a constant joy, I’ve got a passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.  

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