Giant Drag Drink & Draw event launches in Birmingham for summer 2023

Last updated on Monday 19 February 2024

A giant Drag Drink & Draw event is coming to Digbeth’s Luna Springs this May.

Starting on May 25, visitors to the Digbeth area will find something rather fabulous happening in the Luna Springs yard this summer. This quirky outdoor experience combines drag, drawing and drinks for an energy-filled evening full of games, challenges and lots of laughs.

This unconventional setting is the perfect place to get creative, even if you have no artistic ability. Local drag performers will perform and provide a muse for portraits and entertain guests as they take part in hilarious drawing challenges!

Drag drink & draw at Luna Springs

Guests are provided with all the materials they need, including paper, pencils, and other art supplies, and are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

Hosted by Drink & Draw’s energetic host, Flic, guests will be challenged to creative games with hilarious consequences. Would you be brave enough to draw a stranger’s portrait?

Host Flic, a Birmingham-based artist with a weakness for white wine and doodling, said:           

“I’ve been hosting Drink & Draws for a while and it’s always a really fun event where people get to make new friends, get creative, and have loads of laughs. 

“I can’t wait to do it on a larger scale and introduce the drag element to the drawing games for extra shenanigans!”

This social event is a fun twist on your average night out and is a great way to meet new people. Big groups are definitely encouraged, so make sure to invite the whole crew.

Drag Drink & Draw at Luna Springs

Guests can enjoy food & drink from the Luna Springs bar, which offers a range of cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine and street food, and if you’re really in the party mood you have the option to go bottomless!

Luna Springs’ event marketing manager Holly Ashworth said: “We’re really excited to introduce a new mass event to Luna Springs. 

“We love hosting events that bring loads of people together to socialise and get up to some antics and the giant Drag Drink & Draw is perfect for that!”

The Luna Springs Drag Drink and Draw events are suitable for all levels of artistic ability, but it’s more fun if you’re bad at art (especially after a tipple or two) and will be running until August. Big groups are definitely encouraged, the more the merrier and with more chance of creative high jinx.

To book tickets for Giant Drag Drink & Draw at Luna Springs click here!

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