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Behind the scenes at Evolution drone light show

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Evolution drone light show promises to be a journey of discovery and celebration of the natural world, illustrated by hundreds of flying illuminated drones put to music. 
Yuup and award-winning drone artists, Celestial, have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our epic new drone light show to Bristol and Wolverhampton this winter. 
Drones are the perfect alternative to fireworks, being animal-friendly and better for the environment, but how do we pull it off? 
Take a look at how a drone light show is created, as we go behind the scenes with the brains behind Evolution.  


How was the Evolution drone light show created?

Creating an epic drone light show

  1. Drones must follow the same aviation standards as large airlines 
    As drones fly in the air and operate in air space, they must follow the same aviation regulations as planes and helicopters do. In order to fly drones, Celestial have to get authorisation to do so and must adhere to strict rules.

  2. A storyboard is created 

    Before a show can be created using drones, a concept must be created. Together Yuup and Celestial came up with ideas of what theme they would like the show to follow and the core elements they would included within this.

    These ideas get turned into a storyboard which can be used to support the design of the show.

  3. Animators work on bringing the storyboard to life 

    Once a storyboard has been created, a team of animators start bringing the show to life and considering how the ideas can be transformed into action.

    This takes careful planning, as the animators must consider how much space there will be in the sky, how many drones they have available and the speed that the drones can move when having to transform into different shapes.

  4. The drone show comes to life

    After the animators have programmed the drones to follow the story and the specific patterns outlined, it’s time for them to fly!

    Using cutting-edge technology, the graphics are turned into flight commands and are communicated to the drones which work their magic in the sky.

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