Sober activities to do in Bristol this October

7 things to do in Bristol during Sober October instead of drinking

By Yuup

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

1. Forest of Dean evening wildlife safari: October 9 - February 26

Forest of Dean wildlife safari for animal lovers conservation Bristol

Swap Bristol nightlife for Forest of Dean wildlife and enjoy the majestic creatures of the night (that are somewhat less sozzled).

Wild boars, foxes, deer, badgers, otters, and the elusive pine marten are just some of the incredible British wildlife that calls the Forest of Dean their home- and they love a good night out.

This experience is ideal for those that enjoy nature, want to see conservation in action, and are passionate about British wildlife. Swap your routine evening at the local pub for something a little bit more memorable, and perhaps discover a reason to stay sober (here and there) past October.


2. Winter swimming taster: October 7 - October 21

Wellbeing wild swimming ice bath therapy in Bristol

Wim Hof (also known as The Iceman) accredits frequent cold exposure and his meditative practices to his exemplary good health and strong mental health. We're not suggesting that you dive in the deep end and start having ice baths, but a brisk and refreshing dip in Clevedon Marine Lake will brighten your senses and have you bushy-tailed this winter.

If you are wanting to take your mind off a cheeky G&T then this wild swimming experience will sharpen your resolve and prove that you're a tougher cookie than you thought.


3. Build your own clock from recycled materials: October 24 + November 21

Woodwork and upcycling workshop in Bristol

A great way to distract yourself when quitting a habit or setting yourself a new goal is by diving into a new skill or hobby. Channelling your energies into something creative is a fantastic way to get completely absorbed into something that you can be proud of achieving. 

Working with recycled materials offers endless possibilities, and soon you'll be seeing potential creative projects everywhere you look. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Build your own clock from recycled materials and discover the many unique ways you can create your own decor and furnishings. You never know, you may just find your future side hustle or calling...


4. Foraging for immune boosting plants: October 16 + November 13

Natural healing and holistic tonics for good health

One of the main reasons people take part in Stoptober is to focus on themselves and their health. Take it one step further and uncover nature's medicine right on your doorstep!

Give your immune system a hearty boost this autumn by putting down the fire water and replacing it with a few sips of fire cider vinegar. What's fire cider vinegar you say? Well, it's a natural health tonic that's been used for decades to ward off the sniffles and ease congestion of the sinuses. The wild herbs and plants you'll forage are all said to have immune-boosting qualities- which is ideal as the months turn colder!


5. The Healing Power of Art Journaling: October 30 + November 13

Mindfulness and group art therapy meditation in Bristol

In 1985, Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10million check for acting services and kept it in his wallet. Just a handful of years later he made his first $10million. The power of manifestation can do incredible things.

Whilst you're practising restraint and abstinence, it's a great time to collect yourself and reflect on where you want life to take you. Art journaling can help you open up to possibilities, set your intentions, and manifest the future you want to see yourself in.

During this creative session, you'll learn how to turn your ambitions into something visual that will help you achieve those goals and attain greater health and happiness.


6. Draw a digital illustration: October 9 - October 23

Drawing lessons and digital design workshops Bristol

Digital illustration is a brilliant and absorbing way to use spare time. Instead of scrolling through your phone on an evening, it's great to get stuck into something that's creative and relaxing. 

One of the great things about using a tablet to do art is that there's less pressure to get it right the first time. With all the tools and brushes available online you can make pieces of art that don't even look like digital artwork (but it's much easier to undo mistakes whilst you learn).

Pressure-free, relaxing activities are a brilliant replacement for a glass of wine at the end of the day and something to get into this autumn!


7. Creative scrap metal workshop: October 29 - November 28

Metalworking workshop and alternative sculpture Bristol

Sometimes all the good vibes, meditation, and relaxation is just not going to cut it. Sometimes you just need to smash something and be a bit more hands-on when dealing with your frustrations. The sounds, smells, and sparks of metalworking might just scratch that itch...

Turn your annoyances into something epic and cool with WTF Workshops. You can get your hands on some scrap metal and chop and weld it into a stunning final piece that you'd be proud to display. 

Stoptober is about putting yourself, your mental health, and your physical wellbeing first- and what makes you feel good and at peace is entirely unique to you. If you aren't into baths, scented candles, or long walks in the country then don't sweat it! You might be the kind of person that finds their zen whilst hacking into an old bike frame- and that's totally awesome!

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