KASK is a Real Wine bar, deli and shop tucked away on North Street in Bedminster. One of the things that makes this bar so unique is its mission to serve only organic, sustainable, vegan and minimal intervention wine. Some call it natural, but they like to call it Real. KASK was first imagined by owners Natalie and Charlie as they explored the wine bars of San Sebastian. They loved the variety of wines they found, the knowledge of the local owners and the tapas along each bar. Around the same time they developed a passion for natural, sustainable wine and went on a journey discovering the very best minimal intervention producers. Today at KASK, they proudly stock only sustainably-grown and made wine from small producers, alongside delicious cheeses and charcuterie plates. Much of their wine is served by tap, so if you find a glass you really love you can ask them to fill a bottle up for you to take home.

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