10 unique Birmingham date ideas you should try

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

Looking for fun and different date ideas? We hear you! Between trying to find good restaurants, wanting to spice up your usual date night, or even looking for ways to beat first-date awkwardness- finding the perfect option for something new to do for date nights in Birmingham can be tricky!

The good news? Birmingham is brimming with amazing experiences for all kinds of dates!

Did you know you can try chocolate making in the Chinese Quarter? How about wine and cheese tasting in Digbeth? Or even getting cosy on a pottery wheel

From the leafy peacefulness of the city canals to the twinkling lights of the Jewellery Quarter, getting out and about with your date is also a wonderful chance to explore all of Birmingham's best romantic spots!

Even if you've been together for years, it's always nice to shake things up and plan something a little different. And if you've only just met then an active date experience is also a great way to break the ice, beat those first-date nerves and get the chat flowing. You’ll be trying something new, learning new skills, and definitely winning brownie points! Nice! 

So whether it’s a mate date or a first date or your 101st date, why not surprise them with something they’ll really love!

Feeling inspired? Here's a look at 10 unique date experiences to try in Birmingham: 

  • Take them for an unusual dinner at a quirky supper club
  • Break the ice at a board games cafe
  • Get your hands messy with chocolate making
  • Impress them with a game of virtual reality
  • Make their tastebuds happy with wine and cheese tasting
  • Spice up the classic dinner date with bottomless cocktails and street food
  • Get them laughing at a comedy night with after-party drinks
  • Unwind together with a special couple’s pamper session
  • Have a go at spinning pottery together
  • Take them for romantic afternoon tea 

1. Have dinner at a quirky, arty supper club

Turn an average dinner out into a gastronomic experience that makes an incredible and unusual date night! Join GULP Supper Club for a quirky twist on a supper club- whether it's re-enacting famous dinners from the past, making pasta from scratch, delving into the art of eccentric Italian sweet treats, or even having dinner with your dog- there is no end to the wild and creative dinners you can have with GULP. 

🍽️ GULP Supper Club Events: From £40


2. Get competitive at a board games cafe 

Prepare to get your head in the (dating!) game at this board games cafe. In this experience soak up the cosy atmosphere, choose from over 300 different games, and check out the menu of loaded fries and milkshakes at Sliced N Diced! Fun and interactive- this one will be sure to score points! 

🎲 An Afternoon at the Board Game Cafe: £5 per person


3. Take them for a deluxe chocolate-making workshop 

Ahh chocolate- that classic go-to gift for lovers all across the world! But this chocolate making experience takes that to a whole new level. You and your date will be getting your hands messy, learning all about the chocolate-making process and leaving with boxes of mouth-watering Belgian truffles made by you! This one is ideal for special occasions, chocolate lovers, and generally spoiling people rotten! 

🍫 Deluxe chocolate-making workshop: £45 per person 


4. Impress them with a game of virtual reality 

Woman tries virtual reality experience in Birmingham Digbeth unique date ideas Yuup

Escape the zombie apocalypse together. Dive with dolphins. Race F1 cars through the streets of Monaco. In this fun virtual reality experience, you and your date will be stepping off the streets of Birmingham and into a fantasy world of your own choosing! 

🎮 Virtual reality experience in Digbeth: £30 per person 


5. Take them for wine and cheese tasting 

Who doesn't love a bit of wine and cheese? This wine and cheese tasting experience will see you sampling delicious locally sourced cheeses specially paired with organic wines. You'll be soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of Digbeth in a gorgeous Art Deco style wine bar. You can't go wrong with this one! 

🍷 Wine and cheese tasting: £20 per person 


6. Take them for bottomless cocktails and street food 

Explore India with your tastebuds! This bottomless cocktails and street food at Zindiya experience is a perfect date night for those who love to spice it up! This streatery and bar will transport you to the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Mumbai's street markets and makes for a seriously romantic night of delicious flavours.

🍹 Bottomless cocktails and street food: £42 per person


7. Go to a comedy night with after-party drinks 

Want to make them laugh? Then bring them along to a comedy night with after-party drinks! This experience is great for sussing out whether you and your date share a sense of humour. You'll be sitting back, sipping on some drinks and enjoying sets from four professional stand-up comedians. Watch and see if you laugh at the same jokes! Round the evening off with after-show entry to Rosie's. 

🎭 Just the Tonic comedy night and after-show entry: £15 per person 


8. Unwind with a couple's pamper session 

Looking for ways to relax and unwind as a couple? This couple's pampering session will help! In this experience, you and your partner will sip prosecco, have a nourishing hair treatment and enjoy a magical massage with essential oils. Dreamy!

💆‍♀️ Relaxing pampering session for two: £59 for two


9. Have a go on a pottery wheel 

Pottery class date ideas in Birmingham on Yuup things to do gift experiences

If you've ever seen the movie Ghost you know how romantic throwing pottery can be! Whilst Patrick Swayze won't be there, this experience will still give you a chance to get messy with some clay! Has your partner always wanted to give pottery a go? Well, now is the time! Bring your date or maybe your mate! Either way, you're sure to have a giggle and will leave with a lovely pot to display proudly (no matter what it turns out like)!

🏺 Pottery wheel taster workshop: £55 per person


10. Romantic afternoon tea for two 

Tea and cake anyone? Don't mind if I do! This afternoon tea experience gives you all the classic romance and charm you could dream of! All the food is zero-waste and locally sourced, which makes it that much sweeter! Just settle down, get cosy together and tuck into a beautiful array of sandwiches, pastries and hot drinks! Absolutely tea-licious! 

🍰 Afternoon tea at Kilo Ziro: £27 per person


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