Supporting Bristol's local businesses - book now, enjoy later

By Yuup

Last updated on Monday 29 January 2024

Things changed over the weekend, but Yuup’s dedication to supporting Bristol’s local businesses and independent hosts remains stronger than ever.  

We are still open.

We are committed to both supporting our hosts and helping customers discover, book and gift brilliant local experiences in our city, whilst respecting the new Covid-19 lockdown rules.

Any Yuup experience can still be booked on a gifting or schedule later basis, but as of now it won’t be possible to book an experience to happen between the dates of 4th November - 1st December.

Support local Bristol businesses by gifting

Booking an experience now as a Christmas gift, or to arrange for a later date will hugely help reassure and support local businesses through this second lockdown. 

Today, it feels like supporting our local community has never been more important. While we can’t go to our favourite independent shops, restaurants and bars, we can still stand by the many talented Bristol independent hosts and small businesses across the city by booking with them for the future. Discover an amazing experience to look forward to, a gift for someone special to enjoy for Christmas, or something to celebrate a brand new year.

For any small businesses or people with a passion or side hustle who are facing tough times, we’d love to help you create an income for the new year and long after. Get in touch to talk about new opportunities for 2021.

As ever, if you have any questions as a Yuup host, customer, or future host we’re always happy to talk.  

Discover experiences to book now and enjoy later


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