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Reset, recharge and refocus your energy in 2024

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

Often January holds a real focus on resolutions, and on becoming a new or better version of ourselves.

And whilst resolutions often act as something to motivate us and inspire us, they can also put a lot of pressure on us to do better. Right?!

And yet there’s tonnes of little ways we can reset for the new year with maximum fun and minimum pressure.

This year, Yuup wants to help our customers do more of what makes them happy, help them find their calm and help them discover a wealth of experiences that enhance their lives.

So read on for our tips on how you can reset, recharge and refocus to have the best year yet. Plus, a handful of our fabulous experiences to help get you started!

Focus on feelings, not resolutions

We’ve found that a great way to shape your year and reach your goals is to focus on actions and feelings, rather than specific resolutions.

Instead of saying that you want to get fitter or stick to a specific habit, think of why you want to hit those goals and how you would want to feel when you complete them. Then, use these words as your focus.

For example, if you want to get fitter then you might want to feel strong, sexy, motivated, confident. Whereas if you want to focus on routine or on getting more sleep then you might want to feel calm, content or organised. And if you want to eat healthier then you might want to feel healthy and nourished.

By focusing on feelings, and the actions that will support these feelings, you are more likely to reach your goals as you are building an emotional and mental connection rather than pushing for a specific one-off goal.

Easy Meals Cookery Class

☆ Stressbox at The Water Garden

☆ Yard Farm Fitness Bootcamp 

Make small tweaks throughout the year

Re-setting is a part of life and can help us to prioritise things that are important to us or give us a boost of motivation – but the reset doesn’t always have to be in January or be something huge.

Instead of making lots of changes at the beginning of the year, we like to focus on smaller moments and opportunities where we can consciously ‘tweak’ areas of our lives based on how we’re feeling mid-year or even monthly!

These small tweaks can be way less overwhelming than larger changes and can help to keep you on track with your goals for 2024 by acting as a sort of ‘check in’ moment.

Write Your Way to Healing: A Therapeutic Workshop

☆ Wardrobe Revamp for One

☆ The Primordial Drum: A Journey into Sound and Self 

Invest in yourself

If there’s one tip we have for bringing your best self and best energy into 2024, it’s to invest in yourself and find the moments that make you feel more, well, you!

This can be as simple as treating yourself to a spa day to get some much-needed R&R, or it could be learning a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn.

Investing in yourself will make you feel more energised, more motivated and more inspired – perfect for smashing your goals this year.

Here’s some ideas to get you going...

Wellbeing retreat day

☆ Alfresco Spa Experience

☆ Learn to Crochet

Experience something new

We may be a teeny bit biased here, but embracing new experiences is the perfect way to push yourself and your own boundaries.

Trying new things helps to bring a new sense of accomplishment, stimulates creativity, helps to overcome fear and has been known to support with improving confidence – maybe helping towards some of those words you might want to feel?!

Shake up your routine and try something new, whether that be a new type of exercise class or an activity that you have had your eye on for a while.

Go on, be brave!

Foraging and Wild Plant Walk

☆ Stand Up Paddleboarding Taster

☆ SOS Birmingham: Learn to Dance Like the Stars 

We’re on hand to help you push your boundaries and have some ‘you’ time all year round with a whole heap of experiences that you can say Yuup to!

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