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The mental health benefits of connecting with nature

By Yuup

Last updated on Friday 28 June 2024

As it gets warmer, lots more people are spending time outside and having fun. However, some people want to go outside in the sun but have no idea what to do when you get there. And then there are also some people who just want to stay inside all summer which to me is crazy and this is why...

People who had two to three hours a week in nature were about 20% more likely to report high overall satisfaction with their lives than those who spent no time outdoors at all. This is one clear statistic that couldn't be blunter, so we don't think we need
to go into any depth about why it’s a good idea to go outside.

Why is it important to get outside?

It’s a very well-known thing that staying inside all day everyday is not good for you at all, however most people don't have proper facts to back this up. So let’s give you some: Spending time with and around nature has been proving to reduce emotions of anxiety and depression. Research shows that ecotherapy- a therapy that is aboutn exercise in nature – shows that it can help with moderate depression. Those are just a few examples of how nature and mental health directly link. There
will be more later on...

Outdoor activities to enjoy in Bristol

Bristol Rock N’Roll Walking Tour

This Rock N’ Roll walking tour is the perfect thing to get you out and about around Bristol. One of the best things about Bristol is it’s banging Music scene so with this walk you can take a trip down memory lane to view some of the most iconic music venues.

This is a great activity for those music lovers who want to get out of the house and gain some more knowledge of the history of the music you listen to. Just getting some fresh air away from your normal environment is great as it is not only cities that contain pollutants, but also our homes too.

So, stepping outside and getting in some fresh air will reduce the risk of any respiratory concerns and going on this walk you will learn a little something as well!

Bespoke Guided Cycle Ride

If you want to really connect with nature, you can go and spend a day cycling around in the countryside breathing in all the fresh air. You will get to explore new parts of the south west by bike along with your family and friends. It is said that in 2015 only 65.5% of men and 54% of women meeting the recommended physical activity levels.

It is recommended that everyone should participate in 2.5 hours of exercise per week. This activity would be the perfect opportunity do get this completed for the week.

From research in Japan, it is said that just being around nature can improve your mental and physical health drastically. So, this day cycling is the perfect way to help your own wellbeing.

Stand Up Paddle Board Experience

Everyone knows staying active is really good for your own physical health but also your mental health. Regular exercise releases endorphins which are hormones that alleviate stress, improve mood, and enhance a sense of wellbeing. It’s said that you can feel the difference in your mental state from only spending 20–30 minutes outside however we think everyone can do better than that.

This activity is perfect for anyone who wants to get out on the water. Even if you are a complete beginner your instructor will show you the ropes and you will be a pro in no time!

How does connecting with nature improve mental health?

37% of British adults say they have no connection to wildlife in everyday life, I think it’s really important we change this so more people can have the opportunity to experience the positives of nature.

It is said that being with nature can decrease loneliness, reduce feelings of stress and anger, and help people take time off to feel more relaxed. And who doesn't want to be more relaxed? Studies suggest it takes just 120 minutes (2 hours) a week outside to significantly boost health and wellbeing. This could be in short bursts through the week or in one long walk through nature.

Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce cortisol levels by 21%. If you didn't know cortisol is a hormone that induces stress and increases sugar content in the bloodstream. Another study in Japan found that people who walked in nature had lower emotions of stress that those of people who walked through a city or urban area-and that the people who walked in nature moods were better for up to 24 hours after the walk.

3 ways to improve mental health with Yuup

Revitalise Your Mind With Smile & Stroll

This walk is a blend of nature and improving mental health. You can receive a good dose of nature while also being given some tools and mental resources to build resilience and wellness. It’s also known that everyone should try and get in about 10,000 steps per day to stay physically healthy. If that's something you. can't do for some reason or another then you should try and make time to go on a walk with nature. This could be with people or by yourself but it’s something that doesn't take that much energy and has huge positives. 

You will be accompanied by a well-being expert and therapist to take in techniques and the scenic surroundings. This is such a brilliant activity as if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed its said that being in nature make you happy with 85% of people from a survey agreeing. And what better to be accompanied by a seasoned therapist while on this stunning stroll through nature.

Cacoa Fire And Ice Full Immersion Session

One of the best things you can do to improve your mood is meditation. Research shows that practicing meditation can actually reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. This session starts with some gentle yoga along with meditation to activate the body and to build a mindful connection with the physical sensations.

The hot and cold therapy is designed to align the mind, body, and spirit so when you leave the session you can release all the inner stress building up making this an excellent experience to improve your mental health.

Holistic CBD Massage

Everyone deserves a relaxed day, doing nothing and catching up on some well needed rest. What better than while resting receiving a deep tissue massage along with calming CBD oil.

There's no denying that CBD oil has been a huge game changer in the wellness industry, its only becoming more popular as people learn about the hug positives it has on one's body and mental state. 

The oil has been reported to melt away tension, soothe anxiety and inflammation and reduce chronic pain. I cannot think of a better way to relax and build up the resilience of your mental state.

That’s only some of the experiences we host to improve your
mental health. To find out more click here for more activities on

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