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Last updated on Tuesday 16 April 2024

Our city is brimming with talented creatives and small businesses - and you’ll find many of them right here on Yuup hosting incredible experiences. 

At the heart of Yuup is our mission to champion indie businesses and help them thrive, whilst connecting you with the many amazing things that you can do in Bristol. As Bristol continues to reopen, we want to introduce you to more of the amazing local hosts behind the experiences on Yuup...

Sadia from Slay Your Dragons

Sadia's passion is to empower people to lead fulfilling lives by increasing their self belief and confidence.  As an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she uses positive psychology and neuroscience tools/strategies to help people create deeper self-awareness, and meaningful, sustainable change in their lives. 

Sadia has coached graduates, early careers, middle-senior leaders, side hustlers and female founders to navigate career and life transitions. What could be most fun though, is how Sadia empowers people to do this - through creative visualisation. Her soulful Sunday experiences allow you the peace and clarity to tap into your own goals and manifest a visualisation of your dreams. Expect a safe space where you'll feel free to think about what's really important to you, and the fun of creating your personal visualisation to take home. Whether it’s navigating change or overcoming challenges, Sadia’s experiences are uplifting and inspiring for anyone who wants to propel themselves forward to happiness. 

Delve into the world of visualisation with Sadia

Martin Booth

As editor of Bristol 24/7 and author of '111 Places in Bristol That You Shouldn't Miss', Martin’s knowledge of Bristol is unrivalled - and his experience is a chance to listen as he reveals the fascinating stories behind the quirkiest corners of our city.

Martin’s book hit bestseller status in local Waterstones stores in December, and we can definitely see why! His knowledge of the city is equal to his passion for Bristol, and both shine through in the walking experience that was dreamt up from the book itself. If you’ve read the book you’ll already know what we’re talking about - but where the experience really comes to life is in the hidden quirks around central Bristol. These are the streets we’ve all walked down hundreds of times, but this experience will reveal a whole new side to the spots you thought you knew, through incredible storytelling and details that will stay with you long after the experience is over!

Explore Bristol's quirkiest corners with Martin

Hebe and Claire from The Energy Cog

This incredible mother and daughter duo bring art and mindfulness together to harness the science behind creativity.

Hebe is a qualified therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, who’s acting training sparked her interest in how to use the power of creativity. Claire is a professional artist, therapist and mindfulness teacher who is passionate about helping others thrive using energy psychology. Together they host art journaling experiences at the calm and airy Minter-Kemp Gallery in Clifton, which happens to be owned by Tom, Hebe’s dad! Combining their many talents to create this experience, Hebe and Claire offer something special - a powerful combination of mindfulness and art journaling that leads the way to real and exciting life transformation. Packed with creativity and mind-body tools, this is much more than an art workshop - instead focusing on helping you move beyond blocks to reach your dreams.

Discover art journaling with The Energy Cog

Jack Powley

An award-winning photographer and Bristol creative, Jack’s mission is to inspire you to go out and take great photos - even if you’ve never picked up a camera before!

Having worked with award winning film directors and BAFTA qualifying festivals as well as collaborating with other Bristol artists, Jack’s work is as varied as it is brilliant. His photos have been exhibited around the world, and his work also features in a new installation at Bristol’s We The Curious science museum. Through Jack’s Yuup experiences, he creates a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere where anyone can get a glimpse into the world of photography. You can leave having had a fun experience, taking home some amazing photos to show to friends, or you can go home with the basic skills to kick-start a new life passion. Jack’s experiences aren’t just for complete beginners - photographers looking to grow their skills can get into a professional studio and try working with state of the art equipment to capture a model. In Jack’s own words, “it doesn’t matter if you’re a camera whizz; it’s creative people having fun and working towards a result”.

Pick a photography experience with Jack

To discover more about the many small businesses on Yuup, you can meet your host on this blog. Or why not choose one of their experiences to get out and enjoy Bristol!

Feeling inspired? You can join Sadia, Martin, Jack and many more Bristol indies on Yuup by hosting an experience.

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