Adding dates and managing availability

By Yuup

Friday 30 April 2021

Since our launch, we’ve seen that regularly adding new dates to your experiences not only helps you keep on top of your diary, but also increases the chance of guests booking your experiences. 

Lots of dates to pick from is ideal for anyone wanting to give your experience a go - making managing your availability an important part of hosting on Yuup. It’s easy to add new dates and update your availability in the Yuup portal, and here’s how...

Adding new dates 

To add new availability to one of your experiences, click the experiences tab on the dashboard. Then click edit on the experience you'd like to add new dates to. 

Managing dates

Once you're on the page of the experience you'd like to add new dates to, select availability along the top row. At the bottom of this page you'll find the option to add a date.  

Managing dates and availability on Yuup

You’ll then be able to add a date, start time and max number of people for that date. The experience length is already added in the details tab, so you don't need to worry about setting it everytime - we'll add the end time for you!

Setting your host dates
Save time and set recurring dates

If you host your experiences regularly, you can choose to set your date as recurring. This will allow the date you’ve added for your experience to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. There’s also the option to choose last day of event, which will stop the experience recurring once it has reached that date.  

Add your own holiday

If you’re looking at taking a break or are unavailable for a day, week or month, you can use exception date to hold your availability. You can select a certain date or a group of dates to be removed from your schedule, without changing all the other recurring dates. To do this, go to the bookings tab and select the calendar from the drop-down menu. Under the calendar you’ll see the exception dates section, where you can click to add a new date

Set your holiday

You’ll then go to the new exception date page where you can choose the dates you'd like to mark as unavailable and how long you'd like your break to last for. You can apply your exception dates to specific experiences by ticking them, or have the exception dates apply to all by leaving the experiences unchecked. Once this is saved, any experiences within your exception window will be removed from the live Yuup platform and calendar view. 

Set host holiday dates

Find out more about managing every area of your business through Yuup in our host community hub.

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