Host spotlight – Zindiya, Birmingham

Last updated on Tuesday 2 July 2024

Each month, we will be shining a light on our amazing hosts and finding out a little bit about them and their business. This month we spoke to, Zindiya in Moseley about their journey on Yuup.

Zindiya is an Indian streatery and bar created by husband and wife team, Ajay and Shivani Kenth. Their concept is to offer an immersive experience of India in a casual and fun environment. Expect fresh, affordable, and delicious dishes that embody the real essence of Indian street food.

So, let's find out more!

What inspired the name of the business?

Shivani: The name "Zindiya" is a fusion of "Zindagi" meaning "life" in Hindi and our daughter's name, Diya, meaning light and splendour. Zindiya was created from the heart, embodying the true essence of India. No design agencies; just our vision reflected in hand-painted murals, twinkling fairy lights, vibrant logos, music, aroma and taste.

Zindiya interior

Why did you choose Moseley for the location of your restaurant, and how does the atmosphere of the area contribute to the success of the business?

S: Moseley, our birthplace, is vibrant, creative, and diverse, known for its independent scene. The area's sense of community, weekly markets, festivals, and support from regular guests contribute immensely to Zindiya's success. We host networking events, support local art, and contribute raffle prizes for schools. Supporting local businesses and being a family-run restaurant aligns with our key business ethos.


What motivated you to sign up with Yuup, and how has the platform been beneficial for the Zindiya business model?

S: Yuup's emphasis on supporting local communities aligns with our values. Creating a unique experience for their platform was exciting. The booking system, host portal, and marketing support have been effortless and beneficial.


If someone purchases a Zindiya experience through Yuup, what can they expect in terms of offering, enjoyment, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant?

S: Experience the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Mumbai's street markets with three delicious Indian small plates, refreshing cocktails, or craft beer in a fun yet laid-back atmosphere.

Zindiya street food

What is the vision for Zindiya in the future, and how do you see the Indian streatery evolving or expanding in the years to come?

S: We continue to dream big, envisioning Zindiya across the country. Expansion means maintaining the same quality, focusing on delicious food, a welcoming atmosphere, supporting local, and staying true to our essence.

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