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Host spotlight - The Gintleman, Birmingham

Last updated on Wednesday 24 April 2024

This month we spoke to Birmingham host, the Gintleman aka Carl, about his journey with Yuup and how he turned his passion for gin into a successful business.

Could you share the backstory of The Gintleman and how your passion for Gin shaped the creation of your experience? 

I saw a spirits category gap in the market so created a bar concept called The Jekyll & Hyde in 2009 in Birmingham, at the time the UKs first dedicated gin bar opening with at the time, 40 varieties, someone’s home collection these days, operating the venue for 5 years I wanted to have the flexibility to move beyond a bricks and mortar offer.


What inspired the name "The Gintleman"? 

I love a pun and it reflected my dual personalities that left a smile on your face, my umbrella company follows suit and is called Amuse Booze so you get the idea.


How do you craft an experience centred around gin, particularly regarding the ambiance, offerings, and overall vibe? 

Articulating my category passion in a fun and informative way with taste matching and revelations, from a corporate orientated icebreaker of 3 drinks in an hour to either 4 combinations lasting 90 mins or 5 covering 2 hours. I have a 95% gin conversion rate and have created new gin aficionados. I do a lot of house party and venue collaborations so guest feedback also helps the experience evolve.


What led you to host the experience on a boat?  

Birmingham has a rich canal heritage and what better way to mix elements of its history then fusing the two to showcase them in both a scenic and fun way. 


Any highlights on the tour in terms of location? 

You start at Brindleyplace in the heart of the waterways then are taken past a working gin distillery, Birminghams secret 7th wonder of the World, Gas Street Basin and The Mailbox, all very scenic and great for people watching as you enjoy my Ginspired banter over your boutique G&Ts and nibbles.

Boat gin cruise

What prompted your collaboration with experience platforms like Yuup, and how has this partnership enhanced The Gintleman's business model? 

They’d cemented their business model in Bristol before expanding so compared to other platforms Yuup have been very proactive in showcasing what I offer even being featured at New Street Station on one of the giant screens when they launched in the city.


What hurdles did you encounter while bringing The Gintleman concept to life? 

Making sure you provide an intrinsic value for your service and choosing a product selection that will provide all round appeal, when I started doing events it was 95% female led now it’s more couples orientated so the audience has evolved as well as products and tastes.


Any learnings / advice you could offer to a new hosts based on your experience?  

The key is to hone your skill set and show to reflect the timescales you have available and dealing with smaller groups to impart your passion, wit and warmth to provide audience rapport plus the ability to capture repeat business via old fashioned word of mouth testimonials.


For those participating in The Gintleman experiences through Yuup, what can they anticipate in terms of activities, enjoyment, and the overall ambiance? 

I weave the fascinating Spiritual journey of gin in a historic timeline, from the origins of botanicals and phrases, it’s global influence and it’s evolution both on its own and with its partner in crime Tonic, mixed with a hands on element for the guest to pick up top tips from garnishing to ice to recreate quality Gin drinks at home, think bitesized Education & Fun, with the added element of guest banter, engaging with new people and elevating your hosting game by pairing with bitesized canapé matches.  


What lies ahead for The Gintleman, and how do you envision the evolution or expansion of Gin-themed experiences in the future? 

I’ve been around gin since 2009 most spirits have a cycle I feel post pandemic their has been a noticeable slowing of the category, as such I’m branching out into new drinks characters each getting a chance to tease you to dip your toe into new drinks adventures.

This is kickstarting with Signore Spritz featuring Both aperitif & bubbles to show that there's more to the Spritz category than just Aperol. Then comes Jim Adore, whisking you to Mexico with all things Mezcal featuring party favourite Tequila, Rum Ron or Rhum from Tot to Tiki with Moe Lassis and a taste of the U.S.of A with Ken Tucky’s Moonshine and Bourbon... so plenty of new adventures are on the horizon, all featuring on this years evolving canal experience with my Amuse Booze Cruises.

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