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Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

How to Manage Bookings

In the Yuup host portal we’ve made managing your bookings as simple and easy as possible, so that once your experiences are up and running you can focus on making them great for your guests. Here’s a handy host guide to receiving, confirming and declining bookings.

Receiving Bookings

When you receive a new customer booking, you’ll be sent a notification from us via email and text. This notification will have the name of the Yuup experience that’s been bought, the time and date of the booking and a link to the host portal to confirm the booking. If the booking isn’t confirmed or declined after 24 hours, we'll send you another reminder by text and email. 
Each notification will have a link that takes you to booking details to confirm or decline the order. In booking details you’ll find the customer’s booking ID, name, number of tickets, booking date, experience date, time slot and the booking status. You'll also have the option to message the customer. 

Once you’ve logged into the host portal, you’ll arrive at the notifications tab. The notifications page will display a message for each new customer order that has come in, along with other account alerts. Click view booking on each notification to see the details of the booking. Clicking view booking will take you to the booking details of that customer order. 

Confirming and Declining Bookings

If you're happy to accept the customer booking on their chosen date for the experience, you can confirm. To decline means that the customer will be asked to choose another date. If you decline, this doesn’t cancel the booking entirely, or refund the customer. 

You can also find new bookings by going to the bookings tab, then selecting waiting for confirmation from the drop-down menu. This will show you all bookings that need to be confirmed or declined with a short overview of the booking details. With each customer order you’ll have the option to view full booking. Here you'll find the full booking details and will be able to confirm or decline.

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