Cameron Duncan, Experience Operations Manager at Yuup

Meet the team: Cameron Duncan, Experience Operations Manager

Monday 17 January 2022

Cameron is our Experience Operations Manager. He's the guy behind the scenes that makes sure that experiences run smoothly for both hosts and customers. He's one of the friendly voices on the end of the line if you phone in with an issue, and he's known for being very patient, thorough, and a great listener.

From London originally, Cameron moved to Bristol almost five years ago and you'll currently find him in Redland.

As well as being a bit of a history buff (he loves a good history podcast or documentary), Cameron is a big fan of the great outdoors and can often be spotted hiking in stunning green spaces! 

So Cameron, let's find out a bit more about you:

Hey Cameron! We know we've given you a bit of an intro, but can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I come from London, Kew Gardens, but was at the University of Bristol for 3 years studying history and then went to live in Canmore, Canada for 6 months. I returned to Bristol afterwards. 

I really like travelling (thanks Covid), history documentaries, reading and creative writing, football and hiking! I don't like bananas.

Ooh Canada, what took you there?

I went to Canada because I always wanted to see the Rocky Mountains and glacier lakes in Banff, Canmore and Jasper. I also love the endless stretches of pine trees which literally goes on for miles. There is so much wilderness and uninhabited land there, getting to view it from the top of a mountain is just serene. Also like of great places to hike if you're not afraid of stumbling across a bear, cougar or moose!

We wouldn't mind bumping into a moose! Can you tell us a bit more about your role at Yuup?

I am the Operations Manager at Yuup, meaning I oversee customer support and host relations. Day-to-day I'm answering customer messages, helping hosts with bookings and their profiles, as well as seeing to improvements made to the platform. 

I wanted to join Yuup as I loved the idea of being part of a brand-new start-up and helping create something from scratch, as well as supporting local Bristol businesses. I've been at Yuup for 1.5 years now! 

Walking and hiking routes and experiences in Bristol
Been with Yuup from the beginning huh? What would you say your favourite thing about working here is?

I'd say that it's discovering tonnes of new companies and experiences that are going on in Bristol. I learned far more about the city working at Yuup for a few months than I did from the previous years living here! 

And what experiences do you have your eyes set on?

I had a great time doing the Cider Tasting Tour and the Beer, Bounce and Pizza. I also have a ticket for the wine and chocolate matching which I hope to do soon! Have had my eyes on WriteClub's experiences for some time and definitely plan on going to one in 2022. 

Writing workshops and experiences in Bristol
Sounds fun! What would you say the best thing about living in Bristol is?

It's a city with a lot of history, and many nice green places to go for walks! 

Any hidden gems you want to tell us about?

Definitely Bristol Raj on Alma Vale Road. Can't resist getting a takeaway from them at least once a week. 

And what would your perfect weekend in Bristol look like?

Going for a long walk around Ashton Court Estate or Leigh Woods. Then relaxing with a book in a nice cafe on Gloucester or Whiteladies road. 

Hot air balloon flights from Ashton Court
Sounds nice and chilled! Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?

I've always enjoyed history from an early age. My current interest is in the earliest civilizations of the Bronze Age and how agriculture, religion, and metallurgy saw humanity shift away from hunter-gatherers to form the first societies.

I love to travel and my favourite places that I have travelled to so far are Namibia and Botswana. Namibia because I love the desert and sand dunes. There's something therapeutic about watching the shifting sands. It also has the second-largest canyon in the world!

I loved Botswana because it was the exact opposite. Despite sharing a border, there is a drastic contrast in their landscapes. Botswana's natural parks are teeming with wildlife; wild zebra, lions, giraffes, water buffalo, hippos, elephants and crocodiles can all be seen in one Safari. Everything is so green and the massive natural lakes mean that all the animals come together in one place.

Interested in hearing more about us? Meet more of the team here, read our story here, or see how you can become a host.

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