5 ways for hosts to make the most of their experiences this Christmas

By Yuup

Last updated on Monday 15 April 2024

As the countdown to Christmas begins, we’re excited to share the many amazing experiences hosted on Yuup that would make perfect Christmas gifts and fantastic festive celebrations. Supporting local communities and small businesses across Bristol has never felt more important, and as Yuup hosts we want to help you make the most of your experiences this festive season and into the new year. 

1. Add 2021 dates for gifting

We’re already shining a light on your experiences in our new Yuup Christmas guide. You can make the most of that by planning and adding 2021 experience dates to the platform now ready for gifting. Since launch, we’ve seen that experiences with dates are more likely to be booked than those without, so we’d love you to make the most of our Christmas marketing campaign by adding available dates for 2021.

2. Prepare for festive get togethers in December

One of our most important messages right now is support hosts through lockdown by booking now and enjoying later. By sharing your availability in December you’ll be able to welcome bookings for festive get togethers, as well as guests searching for post-lockdown experiences to look forward to. 

3. Share your latest Covid safe measures

We know guest safety is important to you as hosts, and you’re taking all the measures you can to share exciting, Covid safe experiences. If you haven’t updated the Covid measures section in your experience recently, login and check if there’s anything new to add - the more information you can share the more reassured potential guests will feel. 

4. Show off your experience with great photos

Another trend we’ve seen since launch is that experiences with high quality photos showing guests enjoying an experience are likely to attract more bookings. If you’ve taken any new photos of the experiences you’ve hosted since you joined Yuup, take a couple of minutes to login and upload them. Or share them with us and we can help you make the most of them.

5. Look out for our social posts and blog

We’re shining a spotlight on our local hosts on Yuup’s Instagram, Facebook, our newly launched Yuup Twitter account and on our stories blog. Keep a look out for our upcoming gifting blogs and social posts - we love connecting with you wherever you’re posting online. 

As always, if we can help you make the most of your experiences, or if you think you might have an experience you'd like to feature on Yuup, get in touch for a chat.

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