Meet the team at Yuup, Ysemay Hackett-Evans

Meet the team: Ysemay Hackett-Evans, Experience Curator

Friday 14 January 2022

Ysemay is one of our superstar Experience Curators. She is a cheese aficionado and runs Alp Mac (a street food business that makes wonderfully gooey, cheesy, carby mac) with her partner.

She's been living in Bristol for about six years and has lived on a boat in the harbour and has a gorgeous three-legged cat called Smudge. So one could say that she's pretty Bristol as Bristol goes.

She's chatty, enthusiastic, and has an eye for good food- which is why she's at Yuup! Her job is to keep her eyes, ears, and tastebuds on the ground for anything food and drink related that would make a fantastic experience.

So without further ado, Ysemay... the mic is passed to you!

Howdy Ysemay! Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hey! I'm Ysemay and I'm currently living in Bedminster but I've previously lived on a boat in the harbour and in Cotham. I'm 30... eeek! (only joking, being out of the 20s is great!) and I work for Yuup part-time because I run Alp Mac, a street food business with my partner. So if you like cheesy carbs come say hi and get some Mac&Cheese. 

I like most things and don’t dislike much (other than people who are rude to hospitality staff who are THE WORST) but feel free to mention Smudge the gorgeous 3 legged cat as many times as you can.


Oh yes, we've mentioned Smudge... but we'll do it again for good measure! How would people describe your personality Ysemay?

Chatty, I’m the youngest of 3 sisters so had to talk A LOT to get my voice heard. That trait has never worn off. I’m always talking!


And what made you want to work for Yuup?

I love Bristol and I love food and drink so the fact that I could combine those elements and call them a job seemed too good to pass up!

Additionally, I am a small business owner myself and really admire Yuups’ focus on championing small businesses and getting their name out there. 

Alp Mac street food vendor in Bristol
Tell us a bit about your role at Yuup?

I help to discover new experiences to add to the Yuup platform, with a specific focus on food & drink.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Researching the different things that are going on, most of my spare time is spent eating and drinking so looking at new opportunities and getting to know the people involved doesn’t really feel like work!


This question is super difficult, but what experience on Yuup do you most want to do?

I still have to suppress the urge to shout ‘BALLOON’ at the top of my lungs every time I see a hot air balloon floating by so it’s got to be a hot air balloon ride.

hot air balloon flights in Bristol
What’s the best thing about living in Bristol? 

The sense of community and how supportive people are, Bristol may be small but it punches above its weight in terms of wonderful people, fantastic independent businesses and beautiful scenery.


Aaand what’s your favourite thing to do in Bristol?

Anything by the harbour, it’s a beautiful place to spend time. I lived on a boat for a couple of years and could never get bored of the view! 


Okay, now tell us what would be your perfect weekend in Bristol?

Okay, if we're talking ideal world with non-British weather, my perfect weekend would kick off in style on Friday night with a swim and dine session at The Lido.

Saturday is great for a trawl around the various Harbourside pubs (ideally by kayak), stopping for snacks at Wapping Wharf before heading off to see for dinner in Old Market (very excited to go to Tomo No Ramen soon!) and live music at Trinity.

Needless to say the next day will be a slow one, brunch at the Malago followed by a great coffee from Rolling Italy at Tobacco Factory Market before heading to Ashton Court and Leigh Woods to shake off the cobwebs.

And as this is the perfect weekend I’d then walk straight into The Bank Tavern for a roast, without a reservation that I made 2 years ago. What a dream!


Bristol harbour things to do
Woah Ysemay, talk about jam-packed and full of unique places in Bristol! We might have to steal that weekend for ourselves! Now, do you happen to have any hidden talents or party tricks?

I can wiggle my eyebrows individually but not sure how talented that makes me?! 


And is there anything else you think we should know about you?

I’ll read anything and always enjoy trawling through the books that people leave outside their houses for others to take, makes for quite the varied reading journey! 

I also love travelling, pre-covid I used to take a big 4+ week trip somewhere and going so long without that is feeling painful!

Interested in hearing more about us? Meet more of the team here, read our story here, or see how you can become a host.

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