Siobhan Lawless freelance writer and content editor

Meet the team: Siobhan Lawless, Content Editor

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Siobhan is our wonderful wordsmith who edits the host profiles and amazing experiences that we have here on Yuup. Some would say she's mysterious, others would say that she likes to work from home so she can burn scented candles.

Having recently moved from London, Siobhan has settled down into a more laid-back lifestyle in Bristol. She spends her weekends tending to her allotment with her partner and trying out his homebrewed kefir concoctions.

With a background in journalism, if you give her a quick google you can see some pretty cool articles under her belt. Siobhan likes to explore the cultural zeitgeist in her writing, unpicking themes of feminism, multi-ethnic identities, and millennial culture.

If she's not brandishing freshly-pulled turnips you'll find her in one of the many restaurants and eateries across Bristol.

Now that we've managed to pin her down, let's find out a bit more about Siobhan:

Heya Siobhan! Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m Siobhan and I live in St George. I’m originally from South London but moved to Bristol a year ago. The city’s blown me away. I’m loving the change and am here to stay!   

I’m a writer, my background is in journalism, marketing and content creation. People would describe me as friendly, compassionate and someone who laughs a lot. Especially at their own jokes (because someone has to…)

Likes: Food! Cooking it, consuming it, dining out, dreaming about it…I spend half the day salivating over my next meal. Otherwise, I love my cult classic films, curling with a good book, interior design, garden time, dancing and discovering new places to add to my Bristol list, or as I like to call it, my Bristol Bible…

Dislikes: Anchovies. They give me the creeps.


We like food too! Fancy that?! Can you tell us a bit more about your role at Yuup?

I’m Yuup’s Content Editor. My day is a mixture of mostly writing, picture editing and SEO. I edit all the host profiles and amazing experiences which go live on site. By the end, I find myself wanting to do every single one! 

I joined Yuup in June. I had recently moved to Bristol, only to be greeted with the city going into lockdown. But I was desperate to begin exploring! Yuup came along at the perfect time. It was a great way of discovering what Bristol has on offer - Yuup highlighted all the city’s inspiring individuals and the wonderful communities they’re creating. It was my initiation into Bristol in many ways! I always try shopping small and supporting indies so Yuup championing that had my vote.

Bristol street art tours and walking history tours
What’s your fave thing about working for Yuup?

Inclusion is at the heart of its community. Experiences don’t just bring people together, there’s something out there for everyone. Besides getting the chance to connect with other lovely guests, it’s a joy working with such a wicked team.

Plus I learn something new every day! Not just about the amazing experiences Bristol has on offer, but the experiences themselves. From zine printing workshops to wildlife safaris and reiki healing - there’s such a diverse mix. It’s cool dipping your toes into so many different worlds.


Seeing as you get first look at new experiences, are there any you have your peepers on?

Recently I went to Rebecca Claire’s interior design experience which was amaaaazing. I learnt so much, from how to curate a space, to colour theory, and how to mood board like a pro! Rebecca couldn’t have been lovelier. She gave really useful practical advice tailored to each guest. By the end, I was bouncing off the walls with inspo!

Next up, I’m looking forward to some upcoming Bristol Film Festival screenings. You can always rely on BFF for serious stand-out locations! I’m also booked into a Healing Weed’s foraging walk. They’re running one near me in Conham River Park - I’m excited for my eyes to be opened up to a whole new world of edible plants! Cooking It’s Michelin star recipes experience has my attention - I love hosting dinner parties for friends but want to take my skills to the next level! 

Foraging workshops and masterclasses in Bristol
So you moved here from The Big Smoke, what’s the best thing about living in Bristol so far?

Bristol’s incredible independents. All the amazing places to eat and drink. The city’s progressive spirit and buzzing creative scene. All the lush green spaces and beauty spots in between. A diverse city where there’s something for everyone. Bristol’s friendly residents who always make you feel welcome. 


Do you have any favourite haunts or hidden gems in Bristol?

It's got to be Red Church for pizza (and cocktails!). I love Este Kitchen’s Latin American inspired brunches, beaming with sunshine. Before moving to Bristol, I would always try squeezing in a trip to Root whenever I visited. Their delicious seasonable, veg-focused menu tastes fresh from heaven’s gates. (Their buttermilk celeriac is too good for this world!). Muiño, Sonny Stores, Paco, The Lido and Seven Lucky Gods deserve a big shout-out. But I could honestly talk about food all day, so please stop me before I start drooling…

Seven Lucky Gods restaurant that's hosted Belly Laughs comedy festival
Cheers Siobhan, now we're hungry! Tell us about your perfect weekend in Bristol?

I’d start my day with a coffee and pastry from 25a Old Market and browse Franks Vintage Store for some hidden gems. Then I’d check out Fig1 and Prior Shop for more cute homeware bits. (I’m big into interiors at the moment, in case you couldn't tell!) Next up, a stroll around harbourside would be on the cards. Checking out an exhibition at Spike Island or the Arnolfini, or seeing a film at the Watershed. Afterwards, Wapping Wharf would be calling for some food. Drinks after? North Street is always fun. I’d make a beeline for The Old Bookshop or KASK!

For a wholesome Sunday, I would go for a walk through Magpie Bottom’s enchanting nature reserve. If the sun peeped its head out, I would take the dinghy out on Conham River Park and have a picnic there. If it’s roast season, I’d head over to the Lock Up to get my fix of the good stuff. I wouldn’t be able to resist swinging by Poco Deli afterwards and picking up a mouthwatering dessert!  


That sounds incredible! Sign us up! Before we wrap up, is there anything else we should know about you?

My boyfriend has a campervan so we’ve been enjoying spending recent weekends exploring the best of the South West. Moving here, I’ve felt more connected to nature than ever before. Find me at the allotment, embracing the meditative flow of gardening and taking cuttings so I can get even more into flower arranging!

Interested in hearing more about us? Meet more of the team here, read our story here, or see how you can become a host.

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