Transformative Five Elements Massage

Ready for a personal journey of self-discovery and healing?

This massage is inspired by Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® practice of being in your body.

During this experience, your host will combine various massage strokes and techniques with sound and rhythm to express the five elements of nature as they are known in traditional Chinese medicine.

Experience the healing energies of each one, the chance to release emotional blocks, and gain insights about yourself.

Wondering what this massage involves? Let's break the elements down...

  • Earth represents the feminine energy and allows you to experience flow, ease and effortlessness. The focus of this element is to get you in touch with your own energy. It teaches you how to listen to your body and attend to your own needs. The earth in massage is expressed with fluid strokes, flowing, circular motion and repetitive patterns.

  • Fire represents masculine energy. You will get to experience the quality of your inner warrior, the part of you that is fearless and bold. This element stirs the old feelings locked in your limbs and caged in your chest and begins to shake them loose. In massage, the fire element is expressed with curt, linear, percussive strokes and clear staccato rhythm.

  • Water introduces the cathartic quality of chaos and liberation. It is frenetic, turbulent and wild. It represents the journey from the thinking mind to knowing, from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I will’. On the deepest level, it allows you to let go of your past. As for a massage style, you will be pressed to relinquish control as you will struggle to keep up with the therapist's fast-moving, unstructured and unpredictable moves.

  • Air represents the quality of metal. It offers you a mirror that reflects your own soul. It lets you experience clarity, lightness and surrendering. Like a bird flying in the sky, you will get to see yourself from higher perspectives. This element represents rebirth, physical, energetic, emotional - as well as spiritual. Massage strokes of this element are light, fluid and expansive utilising repetitive cycles and patterns.

  • Wood element represents the stillness, emptiness and tranquillity of space. This is when healing and transformation take place. In terms of massage, your host will turn to still holds and Reiki to reconnect you to the flow of vital energy. Cleanse your soul from the past and prepare for a new beginning. Transformation complete.

Age restrictions: 18+

Adult £60

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Jul 2023

Very good experience and would recommend 👌

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You'll be hosted by

Jitka Godoy

Jitka Godoy, the founder of Pathways of Wellness is a certified holistic therapist and healer. Jitka is an Accredited Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner and also holds an MTI Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage. She is a Reiki Jin Kei Do healer, an Access Consciousness practitioner, and an Advanced Psych-K® facilitator. She runs a private practice from Therapy Space at Artigo on Gloucester Road.

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