The Primordial Drum: A Journey into Sound and Self

1 hr 30 mins

As we approach the end of our first incredible season at The Mount Without, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has joined us on this journey.

To celebrate this milestone and to make this experience accessible to all, we are offering a special discounted price of just £20 per person (usually £30) for our final shamanic drum journey of the season.

But that's not all! We believe that the joy of drumming is wonderful when shared with loved ones. So, if you bring someone along, you can both join us for just £35. It's our way of spreading the magic of shamanic drumming to even more beautiful souls.

This time, we're adding an extra special touch to our post-journey gathering. We'll be serving up slices of delectable raw vegan cheesecake (worth £6 a slice) and a warm cup of tea. Consider it a small token of our appreciation, making this journey a true celebration.

As always, you can expect to be transported by the hypnotic rhythms of the primordial drum, complemented by the haunting beauty of Mongolian throat singing, shamanic trance chants, other traditional instruments, and a few surprises along the way.

Whether you're a seasoned journeyer or new to the world of shamanic drumming, we invite you to join us for this special celebration. Let's come together once more before the season ends, to connect, to heal, and to revel in the ancient wisdom of the drums.

How does it work?

Drum journeying is a practice rooted in Shamanic wisdom, using different rhythms to transport you to a trance-like state. It’s a form of meditation and dreaming that helps to bring clarity and a higher sense of order to our personal and collective lives.

Modern science backs up this ancient practice. The drums can entrain slower brain waves, bringing about physical benefits like lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and a reduction in stress hormones.

Experience a shift in perspective, awareness, or a burst of creativity - the journey can open up all of these doors and more.

What to expect?

Set an intention for your journey, whether that's healing, guidance, or relaxation. We'll settle into the session with abstract spoken word to help guide you gently into your imagination. As you lie down and relax the drums will take over, taking you on an adventure deep within. When it's time to return, we'll bring you back to earth with the gentle sounds of other traditional instruments.

Age restrictions: 15+

Adult ticket (discounted ticket) £20
Bring a friend bundle (two tickets) £35

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What people are saying

Joy Carey
May 2024

I totally loved this live surround sound & vibrations experience! Fabulous rhythms, sounds, pitch...

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Nicola Nation
May 2024

I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be booking again x

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Hoo Hargh
Apr 2024

Extremely powerful workout for body & mind , exactly what the doctor ordered
Great Supportive ...

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Jackie Hunter
Mar 2024

Once again we really enjoyed the session. It’s time for yourself and you set your own intention ...

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How to get there


  • Toilets

On the day

Please arrive 5-10 mins early so we can start promptly. Likewise, be sure to turn your mobile phone off before getting settled. Make sure you have been to the toilet beforehand. There's nothing worse than a full bladder during a drum journey! Your body temperature will drop during the journey, so bring extra layers and a yoga mat for lying on the floor. A bottle of water is advised so you can stay hydrated. Please also bring a blanket/sleeping bag, and pillows for comfort.

Changes happen, don't worry

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You'll be hosted by


Brillo is a songwriter, composer, and teacher.

"I mostly lived on a mountain on my own from my late teens, until my late 20’s. I learned a lot about the principles of life from nature and my deep dives into music and creativity. For a long time, I saw music and songwriting more as a coping mechanism. I didn't realise at the time that I was learning to heal personal trauma. Though healing is an ongoing thing, I now use what I've learned to support others."


Ruth is a qualified sound therapist and writer.

“After suffering from chronic pain for 13 years beforehand, my drum unintentionally became the antidote to my pain. An accidental gong bath, revealed to me that sound was my calling. Drumming, sound and movement have been incredibly healing for me and I love supporting people to delve into their inner worlds; to discover the wisdom that already exists within."

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