VR games group play at Kingsdown Sports Centre

Looking for your next adventure? We've already found it.

This is an experience like no other.

There's VR, then there's Active Reality. A fully immersive virtual world, where you're submerged into its visuals, sounds and textures - as you move your way through it too!

You and your group will be taking part in a series of virtual reality games - Player vs Player, Battle Royale style, or team-based VR games made for groups and parties.

In this private booking, you'll have the whole arena to yourself. Games can host up to 12 players at a time, with each game lasting 5-10 minutes.

Please note that while your host can cater up to 12 people, only 6 players may use the VR headsets at once.

Enjoy a spoiling variety to choose from, including Capture the Hill, Team Deathmatches, shooter games, or ones where you can master your archery skills. All will leave you sweating and craving more!

Active Reality's advanced technology and arena sensors allow you to move around just as you would in ‘real life'. You'll be able to see your friends' avatars - run, jump and even 'high five' in the virtual world.

Ready to enter a realm of endless possibilities? See you on the other side...

Age restrictions: 9+

Group Ticket (45 Min private play session - up to 12 people) £120

How to get there


  • Family friendly
  • Parking
  • Refreshments available
  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible

COVID-19 guidelines

  • Active Reality is a non-contact sport with built-in distancing within the virtual games to further prevent contact.
  • Social distancing must always be maintained
  • Your hosts have enhanced cleaning regimes that follow the fitness industry and Public Health England guidelines. Their dedicated staff will be cleaning throughout the day working to a comprehensive cleaning protocol We disinfect all VR devices by wiping them with disinfecting wipes thoroughly.

On the day

  • This is a private play arena booking - this private session gives you 45 minutes in one of our venues, to play whichever games you'd like
  • Recommended number of players between 2-10 people
  • Please wear trainers
  • Parking is available on-site

Changes happen, don't worry

How to change dates
Change of plans? You can easily rebook the next available slot up to 1 days before your experience.
How to get a refund
Can't make it? We understand things happen! You can cancel and get a full refund up to 1 days before your experience.
Please note that this refund policy does not apply to gift bookings. You may reschedule your gift if outside the time period stated above. However, all gifts are non-refundable and expire exactly 1 year after the date of purchase.

You'll be hosted by

Active Reality

Active Reality is like virtual reality - but ten times the experience!

So what's the difference? VR involves a headset with 3D visions and sounds that transport you to a virtual world. It's like being 'in' a game or (literally) immersed in a movie. The first time you experience this - submerged by all these layers of this virtual world - can take your breath away.

The only thing which breaks this total immersion is you're not moving, but using a controller to move around the virtual world. This is where Active Reality steps in...they achieve full immersion!

By what magic? Using advanced technology and sensors in an ‘arena’ that allows you to move around as you would in ‘real life’. All experiences are multiplayer, so you and your friends are in the same physical and virtual worlds.

You can see your friends' avatars. You can all run, walk, jump, and even 'high five' all in the virtual world. You become fully immersed and totally forget about the ‘outside world’ - it's seriously mind-blowing!

Active Reality is as active as using some gym equipment, so forget about limiting ‘screen time’ - your heart will be racing, you’ll have a huge grin on your face and you’ll be craving more.

Trust us, once you have experienced Active Reality, you'll see this as the future of active leisure...

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