Indigenous storytelling and creative journeying

£25 / Adult
1 hr
Age restrictions
Child, Student, Senior Citizen and Concession prices also available

What you'll do

Unearth the power of indigenous storytelling through creative and holistic journeying in this thought-provoking workshop.

Storytelling doesn’t just belong in the books – it is an ancient art form passed from generation to generation that has a place in all types of creative expression. Our sense of belonging comes from these stories that are passed on by the elders of the communities we were once part of. These stories are what make us us.

For any artist, or simply anyone looking to enhance their sense of self-expression, this unique and enriching experience will take you on a journey to your roots. It is a rediscovery of how to tell stories in a range of expressive, artistic ways in a safe environment.

During the experience, your host will encourage you to find your own voice and to express yourself positively. You will be guided to trust your instincts and intuition when making creative choices that, with commitment, can improve your decision-making in every aspect of life. The basis of this comes from the total acceptance and trust in one’s self and sincere acceptance of others, whilst creating a deep sense of awareness and feeling of cohesive collective belonging.

Come and join in the journey and have fun with a purpose.

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There are no upcoming dates for this experience.

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  • WiFi
  • Adult changing
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Child friendly
  • Toilets

COVID-19 guidelines

  • Masks will be worn indoors
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed

On the day

  • Please wear comfortable clothes
  • Come with an open mind, water, notebook and pen, fruit and lots of enthusiasm!
  • Meet your host outside the entrance to the Galleries that faces Castle Park

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About Kabbo Hue Qua

//Kabbo Hue Qua is an artivist, griot storyteller, being-evocation activator, published performance poet, writer, edutainment practitioner, investigative journalist and arts and cultural ambassador based at Hamilton House.

Afrikan griot storytelling and indigenous creative journeying to self are processes guided by the principles of Ubuntu. //Kabbo Hue Qua uses these principles to focus on (re)building and deepening the total acceptance of oneself and sincere acceptance of others, whilst cultivating a sense of positive self-awareness and inclusive collective belonging. The creative application of these techniques and methods helps release energy blockages from the mind and body, enhance personal transformation and improve cultural sensitivity.

Their social mission is to create safe environments for exploration, play, discovery and having fun with a purpose, holistically addressing the poverty of spirit, anxiety and sense of hopelessness of the pandemic and to encourage people to find their own voice to express themselves positively, whilst telling their story.

//Kabbo Hue Qua believes all healing is self-induced and that holistic ways of sharing and caring for ourselves and each other should be passed on. Our bodies are wonderfully communicative instruments and speak to us in various ways, sending us messages through our dreams, images, words, illness and healing. The creative process guides and encourages us to find and, in some cases, create our own keys that can unlock our ability to discover and self-heal.

Your host

//Kabbo Hue Qua

//Kabbo Hue Qua is passionate about encouraging individual and collective wellbeing through a unique, holistically guided, being-evocation, movement, journaling and personal storytelling development process.

//Kabbo Hue Qua connects people to themselves and then to each other.

How to get there

Any questions?

Ask your question directly to Kabbo Hue Qua.

Upcoming dates

There are no upcoming dates for this experience.

Existing dates have all sold out, but you can book now and schedule later when new dates are released.

£25 / Adult
1 hr
Age restriction
Rebook or cancel up to 3 days before your experience.