Celestial presents Evolution

A drone light show spectacular through time and space

A new drone light show for all the family

Experience the sky as it becomes the stage for the story of our evolution. Witness an epic-scale theatrical event for all ages told through a swarm of mesmerising drones flying in unison. Watch the universe unfold, from the humble beginnings of single-cell organisms to the awe-inspiring reign of the dinosaurs, see our planet blossom over thousands of years, and spark your imagination with a story that stirs the soul.

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14 December, Wolverhampton

19, 20 and 21st December, Bristol

A magical story from the dawn of time

See drones tell the story of the birth of the universe and millions of years of evolution. Expect immersive storytelling of extraordinary proportions, unlike anything that’s been seen before. A brand-new narrated show with a tale older than time and a spellbinding original soundtrack.

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Winter fun for all ages

Enjoy magic in the sky and all the fun of the fair with festive food stalls, fairground rides, and music. Experience an epic show and spectacular evening to thrill the whole family.

Kind to the planet

Sustainable by design, Celestial drones are powered by renewable energy and technology that is kind to our environment and wildlife safe.