New platform features for March

By Yuup

Friday 5 March 2021

We’re always looking at ways we can improve the Yuup platform for our hosts and their guests across Bristol and beyond. This month, thanks to feedback from our brilliant hosts, here are the latest updates on the Yuup platform.

Latest new features live

Monthly statements for hosts
We want to make running your experiences behind the scenes as easy as possible, and this feature was suggested by a number of Yuup hosts. We’re happy to say that new monthly statements will now be emailed to all hosts directly every month, and are also downloadable at any time within the host portal. These statements have all the information you need about your bookings including how many experiences were booked and how many delivered. 

Date availability shoutout for guests with unscheduled bookings
At the moment especially, we know that there are many gift bookings waiting to go ahead as well as open bookings that unfortunately couldn’t happen during lockdown. That’s why we’ve added a new email notification that will go straight to any guest waiting to book in a date for an experience as soon as new available dates are added. 

View all your bookings in one place
We've now added an all bookings tab in the host portal. This was another requested feature, and it shares an overview for hosts of every Yuup booking they have in one place. This tab has a table showing the booking's state, whether it has a date confirmed, is still to be scheduled, is waiting for confirmation and more. You can view your bookings by date booked or organise by date of experience to give you a clear overview of your schedule. 

Suggest a new date or time to a guest
If an experience date that's been booked isn’t possible, you as the host can now suggest a new date to your guest through the host portal. This makes rearranging bookings simple and easy, with an email going to the guest with a new suggested date to accept.

Features coming soon

Set your experience location as the customer’s home
We already have some hosts who share bespoke home experiences, and soon all hosts will be able to set your experience location to reflect that. We hope this opens up the platform to lots more creatives and small Bristol businesses whose experiences don’t have a set location and can be booked flexibly to happen across Bristol.

Directory of Bristol spaces to host experiences
We often get asked by hosts about the best locations to hold their experiences. Since our launch, we’ve been lucky enough to connect with lots of amazing spaces across Bristol, all ready to be booked by experience hosts - so it seemed like the natural next step for us to share these spaces on Yuup. Soon we’ll be launching a directory of Bristol spaces to hold experiences, and if you know anyone that should be on it or have a space yourself, we’d love to hear from you. 

If you have questions about any of these, or ideas for features that you'd like to see in the future, we're always around to chat.

Blog photo features Avon Valley Wildlife Park

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