Celebrate Bristol Bonfire Night with a difference this November (2022)

Last updated on Monday 21 August 2023

Want to enjoy all the fun of Fireworks Night, without the pyrotechnics this year? 

It's nearly that time of the season again.  Dark evenings are drawing in. Misty nights are upon us. The smell of crackling fires and toffee apples will soon be filling the air! Bonfire Night is pretty magical, isn’t it? 

But in recent years, there's been an increased awareness of the impact that Fireworks Night has on the environment. Besides the loud noises scaring local wildlife and sending pets running for cover, chemicals used in the fireworks themselves can pollute rivers and litter the landscape. 

So for those who want to miss out on all the gunpowder, effigies or loud whizz bangs, the good news is: you don’t have to forgo the colour and lights!

Because this year, Bristol Cathedral is playing host to a spectacular light show throughout the Bonfire Night week.

Luxmuralis: Space Voyager at Bristol Cathedral 

Light show display in Bristol Cathedral at Luxmuralis Space Voyager through Yuup on Bonfire Night weekend

From the 1st until the 5th of November, Bristol Cathedral will be transformed into a celestial wonder, as it plays host to an immersive light show that celebrates our planet, the solar system and the twinkling lights of the universe! 

'Luxmuralis: Space Voyager' is an artistic collaboration between award-winning artists: sculptor Peter Walker and composer David Harper.

This multi-sensory light show will transform the inside of Bristol Cathedral into a beautiful projection, showing the mysteries and beauty of outer space. You will be able to walk around the ancient building and watch as the vaulted ceilings, walls and floor are lit with the mesmerising images and patterns of the universe. 

What is Luxmuralis?

Luxmuralis space voyager light show at Bristol Cathedral for Bonfire Night with Yuup 2022

Luxmuralis is a collaborative art installation, established in 2015 and made by a team of multi-disciplinary artists. 

Luxmuralis' amazing light shows have been taken across the UK and have featured in iconic public buildings from Westminster Abbey to the Bodleian Library in Oxford. 

Now, after 7 long years of waiting, Bristol will play host to the city's first Luxmuralis display. This autumn will see Luxmuralis' Space Voyager light up the inside of Bristol Cathedral. Each installation is designed to transport the viewer to another world, with accompanying music specially written to heighten the effects of the beautiful imagery. 


When and where can I see it?

Luxmuralis: Space Voyager will go on display at Bristol Cathedral during the Bonfire Night week, from Monday, November 1 to Saturday, November 5 2022. 

Lights and fireworks have always been a special part of celebrating Guy Fawkes' Night. Marking this year's festivities with a magical light display is the perfect alternative to celebrating this classic UK holiday, in all its quirkiness! 

The best part is, when you come along to this light show at Bristol Cathedral, you will be helping local entrepreneurs and organisations do what they do best. And with Christmas around the corner, gifting an experience is the perfect way to support indie businesses this festive season. 


Ready to book? Click here for Luxmuralis: Space Voyager tickets!

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