Top 7 Bristol experiences you can try now in August (2022)

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

Looking for ways to soak up some late summer sun? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Between warm, sunny evenings down by the harbourside, picnics on the Downs and ice-creams by the river, Bristol really comes to life in the warm weather. 

And this summer has been no different! Besides lovely days out in glorious sunshine, we've all been treated to an amazing lineup of festivals! We started the festival season with the world-famous Upfest, had a jam-packed Bristol Pride month, enjoyed the Bristol classic Harbour Festival, and had a celebration of St Paul's Carnival! Our Bristolian streets (and rivers!) have been lit up by the magic of some unforgettable fun. 

The good news? It isn’t over yet! August is when Bristol plays host to perhaps its most famous party of all: Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2022.

The fiesta will begin on Thursday 11 August, when we will see over 150 hot air balloons take to the sky in Europe’s largest mass hot air balloon ascent. 

Prepare to see the return of a familiar and much-loved sight, as hundreds of colourful balloons float through the air. Magical! 

And to round off the festival season, Bristol Film Festival is returning with screenings of classic film in iconic locations! Dracula in Redcliffe Caves anyone?  

Besides all this, there are dozens of fun summer experiences in August, so you can make the most of those long summer days.   

Have you ever done a yoga class with adorable puppies? How about a wholesome foraging experience, where you make your own tasty wild garlic pesto? No? Well, now is your chance! Grab the summer while it's still hot.

Feeling inspired? Below is a closer look at our top pick experiences to do in Bristol this August (2022): 

  1. Take a puppy yoga class, finishing with cocktails in Clifton
  2. Go on a Bristol treasure hunt around the city 
  3. Fly a hot air balloon during Bristol Balloon Fiesta 
  4. Try specialist rum with Nadu's Rum Club tasting 
  5. Go on a foraging experience to make wild garlic pesto and smoothies 
  6. Try wild swimming in a river under a full moon 
  7. Go on a hard hat tour inside Clifton Suspension Bridge 

1. Puppy yoga class with cocktails 

Man in puppy yoga Bristol experience with Yuup August summer things to do

Yoga, check! Cocktails, check! Puppies? Check! This one-of-a-kind yoga class will see you relaxing, unwinding and striking your best downward dog alongside some special furry friends. What could be nicer? Build strength, have a stretch and prepare to boop some seriously cute puppy noses. Finish up with cocktails at The Dirty Bird in Clifton Village. 

All puppies for this experience have been responsibly selected. They're either happy accidents or are a first litter where the mums are family pets and aren't kept to be bred. You'll be helping these pups socialise before they go to their forever homes! Cute! 

🐶 Puppy yoga & cocktails at The Dirty Bird: £40 per adult  


2. Go on a treasure hunt around Bristol 

treasure hunt around bristol Christmas Steps spotting Banksy art walking tour summer august things to do Yuup

Hear the words 'Bristol' and 'history' and you may think 'pirates!' So what could be a more fitting way to explore the city, than by going on a good old treasure hunt? 

In this experience, you'll be setting off on a self-guided treasure hunt around the city. You will be solving riddles, puns, puzzles and clues that are sent directly to your phone. From strolling around the city centre to ducking through medieval arches, prepare to find out some fascinating facts about the city's past.

This tour is all self-guided, so you can relax and go at your own pace. Bring your mates, explore and recharge in local pubs or cafes along the way. Lovely! 

🏴‍☠️ Bristol treasure hunt: £15 per person 


3. Private hot air balloon flight during Bristol Balloon Fiesta

private hot air balloon ride during bristol international balloon fiesta with Yuup in Bristol  

Picnics in Ashton Court. Amazing light displays. Hundreds of beautiful balloons drifting across the sky! It could only be the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta! 

This year, Fly Away Ballooning is offering private hot air balloon flights during the fiesta's famous mass ascent. You'll be soaking up the magic and excitement of the festival, all from the best seat in the house!

Watch the stunning West Country scenery reveal itself to you as you drift slowly upwards. And to top it all off, you'll be treated to some speciality gins at a height of 1000ft, from the balloon's sponsor Bath Gin. 

What better way to immerse yourself in the last summer festival of 2022? This once-in-a-lifetime experience is really one for the bucket list! 

🎈Private Bristol Balloon Fiesta Flight 2022: £600 per person


4. Try unique 'Black Tot' rum with Nadu Rum Club 

Rum club tasting black tot spirit Bristol summer things to do experience Yuup

What do we do with a drunken sailor? Take them to a special rum tasting evening! 

This August, Nadu's Rum Club is back for another specialist rum tasting evening. Made by the team behind Bristol's award-winning restaurants Nutmeg (in Clifton) and Nadu (on Stokes Croft), this experience will see you sampling a type of rum called 'Black Tot'.  Flavourful and full of sweet, smoky vanilla undertones, what spirit could be more summery than rum?

Black Tot comes from a navy tradition known as 'Black Tot Day.' This was when navy sailors were given their ration of rum for the week- a practice that only came to an end in 1970! 

This fascinating tasting experience will see you diving into navy myths, mysteries and histories, and will be sure to delight any liquor connoisseur! 

🍹Rum Club at Nadu with Black Tot: £25 per adult 


5. Forage for wild pesto and smoothies 

Foraging experience in Bristol forage for wild pesto and smoothies Yuup

Peaceful summer woods. Fragrant smells of wild garlic all around. Fresh and delicious food! This is the magical world of foraging. 

In this extra summery foraging experience, you will be guided on a foraging adventure around the beautiful Exmoor national park. You will learn how to forage for edible food, as you hunt for wild herbs to make into a zingy fresh pesto and fresh berries to make into smoothies. 

Finish the day off with an optional cream tea at the cafe where you've made your tasty creations. Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sound of water from the nearby river. Lush! 

🌿 Foraging for wild summer pestos and smoothies: £10 per person


6. Try full moon guided wild swimming in a river 

full moon guided wild swimming experience Bristol summer things to do cold water swimming Yuup

Feeling a bit hot and bothered? Looking for a refreshing way to cool down in the summer heat? This guided full moon wild swimming in a river is just the ticket! 

If you've ever heard of wild swimming and wanted to try it, then this experience is a unique way to get started. You will be taken on a guided swim by your hosts, who are all qualified open water coaches and experienced wild swimmers. 

Prepare to enjoy a bit of relaxing exercise, as you glide down a peaceful river under a glorious full moon! This is the perfect way to immerse yourself in those long summer evenings. 

🏊‍♀️ Full moon guided river swim: £35 per person


7. Hard hat historical tour inside Clifton Suspension Bridge 

Bristol summer august things to do Clifton suspension bridge tour Yuup

Every summer day spent in Clifton usually involves a trip to the Suspension Bridge! But did you know about the secret, hidden vaults found inside it? No? Well, now you do!

Bristol is famous for being one of the first cities in the world to build a suspension bridge. But very few people know about the secret vaults that were discovered inside it by engineers in the early 00s. 

In this unique experience, you'll be donning a hard hat and learning some fascinating facts about Brunel's engineering wonder, before descending into the hidden vaults to discover them for yourself. 

👷‍♀️ Hard hat tour of Clifton Suspension Bridge's vaults: £20 an adult


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