Dancing Flavours

Dancing Flavours

Wafaa was born in Lebanon and has combined her love of food and belly dancing to create her unique business, Dancing Flavours. Food is key to hospitality in Lebanon and it’s unheard of for anyone to visit a Lebanese family without been offered something to eat; that could be a full meal or snacks like fruit and nuts, and don't forget the famous coffee. Wafaa's inspiration for cookery comes the tasty food she grew up eating and learning how to prepare with her mum, whose family recipes are traditional, simple and tasty.

Growing up, Wafaa never thought that belly dancing could be a business, but nothing equalled the pleasure she got when she danced so she has now combined it with her love of food, to create a unique business.

3 Experiences

£55 / adult

2 hrs

£75 / per person

4 hrs

£350 / group

1 hr 30 mins