Circumstance Distillery

Circumstance Distillery

Circumstance Distillery was founded in 2018, brought to you from the same team behind Psychopomp Micro-distillery. The only distillery in Bristol distilling from ferment, their approach to making spirits is to respect traditions without being confined by them.

Proudly carbon neutral, with a mission to make exceptional spirits whilst protecting the planet and improving their community. They are currently producing an organic vodka, white rum and a selection of grain spirits. Their first whisky is due to be released in September 2022, the first produced in Bristol for over 80 years.

Described by Master of Malt as 'Britain's most innovative distillery', the team work hard to capture as much flavour as possible in the liquid. They do this by building flavour before it comes into contact with a cask - with a wide variety of grains, organic mash bills, alternative yeasts and long open ferments. Spirits are then matured in a wide selection of casks - from 30L English chestnut, 60L new Andean oak, to 220L ex Muscat, to name but a few. Each batch released is small and completely individual.

1 Experience

£30 / adult

1 hr 30 mins