Meet the team: Becky Eastwood, Marketing Manager

Friday 6 May 2022

Becky is our Marketing Manager at Yuup. She's as cool as a cucumber and loves an adventure (she came into work the other day after a 7am wild swim!).

As part of the marketing team, she works with Senior Content Writer Nat and Social Media Executive Paul to bring our marketing campaigns to life.

She's lived in Bristol for about six years but still acts like a tourist. 

In her spare time, you'll probably find her taking up yet another new hobby, getting her dance on, and exploring the 'city of dreams' aka Bristol.

So Becky, the stage is yours! Let's get to know you and what you do at Yuup:

Hey Becky! Tell us about you?


Hello! I’m Becky. I’ve lived in Bristol for 6 years and fell in love with the city as soon as I got here. Before working at Yuup I worked in Marketing for a load of different travel companies. My friends would describe me as very caring and constantly trying new things. I have this weird trait where I try to dive headfirst into anything that scares me... So I've ended up doing public speaking, walking 80km in a day and auditioning for a dance troupe (which involved having to freestyle in front of a group of strangers). I don't know why I do it to myself!
Likes: dancing, hosting dinner parties and exploring Bristol

Dislikes: raw onion and negativity (although I realise the irony as I list what I dislike :’D)

Thanks for sharing! Can you tell us a bit about your role at Yuup?

I joined as Marketing Manager in March (stepping in for the lovely Gemma while she has her baby!). I couldn’t wait to join Yuup, I absolutely love the company and everything it stands for. 

Belly dancing in Bristol
So what’s your favourite thing about working for Yuup?

Working with such a passionate and lovely team of people who love Bristol and everything it has to offer just as much as me. Plus I value exactly the same things as Yuup: enjoying experiences over things and supporting your community.


Sounds like a great reason to work somewhere! And do you have your peepers on any experiences in particular?

Um… everything?! I’ve got my eye on the hot air balloon ride. I’ve already done stand up paddleboarding on the harbour, a singing lesson, KASK wine & cheese flight and wild swimming in Clevedon (all of them were amazing). Plus I've got the Cider Box cider & cheese tasting coming up.

I'm a bit Yuup-obsessed, if it wasn't already obvious.

Cider and cheese tasting in Bristol
Well, we don't blame you! What’s the best thing about living in Bristol?

There’s always something to do here and there’s such a community feel. Plus I love that the city just comes alive in summer – evening drinks on the harbour wall, the Harbour Festival and the Balloon Fiesta! I also love being near water, so I will never get over how beautiful the harbour is.


Do you have any favourite haunts or hidden gems in Bristol?

Bravas is my favourite restaurant in Bristol (I’m obsessed with tapas). But my favourite thing is an evening walk around the harbour and going to the viewpoint of the Clifton suspension bridge near the locks. I love finding new views of Bristol and will never get bored of exploring it.

Balloon flight in Bristol
Sounds tasty! What would be your perfect weekend in Bristol?

Jam-packed. A harbour walk in the day, a sourdoughnut from Pinkmans Bakery in the afternoon and dinner at Bravas. On the Sunday I’d walk to the White Lion for a view of the suspension bridge, get a treat from ANNA (can you tell I have a sweet tooth?) and have a BBQ on Clifton Downs. I’m hungry just thinking about it...


Sounds fab! Is there anything else we should know about you?

I love learning new skills and would like to learn Spoken Word Poetry. I sing and play guitar for only the four walls of my bedroom to hear, although my flatmate is trying to convince me to do an open mic night. I'd also love to learn to play the saxophone because I think it's the coolest instrument ever.

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