Spectacular light show Luxmuralis returns with new show to Bristol Cathedral (2023)

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

Bristol Cathedral has announced the return of Luxmuralis with a new immersive light and sound show which will completely transform the inside of the cathedral into a journey through nature’s elements.

Luxmuralis, which drew over 13,500 visitors to the cathedral last year, has created a new show that will be premiering at Bristol Cathedral featuring hand-drawn projections accompanied by a music score that has been composed specifically for the event.

'Luxmuralis: Force of Nature’ is an artistic collaboration between award-winning lead artists sculptor Peter Walker and composer David Harper and their team of artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

Running for just under a week from Monday, October 30 until Saturday, November 4, the inside of Bristol Cathedral will be lit up in a son et lumière that pays homage to fire, air, water and earth in a dazzling display.

This multi-sensory experience will transform the familiar walls of the cathedral into a virtual abstract painting inspired by the awe-inspiring powers of nature. A seamless harmony of visuals and sound, this show has been produced with the structure and layout of Bristol Cathedral at the forefront of creation.

Luxmuralis has been touring the UK for almost 10 years, and at the heart of their productions is the exploration of the development of the fine art tradition through new media whilst using buildings of historical significance as a canvas.

For just under a week you can be immersed in underwater worlds, volcanic fires, and cloudy peaks- all projected onto the stunning medieval architectural features of Bristol Cathedral with a bespoke soundtrack.

About the show

Visitors are welcome to enjoy this event at their own pace. Most people spend between 40-60 minutes. The show is just as much about being introspective and thoughtful as it is about exploring the elements of our Earth and appreciating the history and architecture of the cathedral.

A bar will be available during the show and run by local distillers Espensen Spirit, who will be stocking mulled spirits, wine, nature-inspired cocktails/mocktails, local beers and soft drinks. 

Due to the nature of the show, with loud music and fast-moving projections, the experience may not be suitable for people who summer from migraines, epilepsy, or sensory processing conditions.

Reduced volume hours will be in place from 5.30-6.30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and 5.00-6.00 on Saturday. Children's ear defenders will also be available to borrow on a first come first served basis.

Tickets start at £6.99, with adult, concession, child, and carer tickets available.

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