5 steps to hosting your own experience

By Yuup

Last updated on Wednesday 21 February 2024

You might have seen the many amazing hosts sharing experiences on Yuup, but did you know you could easily join them and host an experience of your own? Whatever your passion, we created Yuup so you can share it with Bristol. Here are 5 steps to creating and hosting your own experience in 2021...

Host an experience in BristolBriony May Williams hosting her Make a celebration cake experience
1. Dream up your experience

That side hustle you’ve been thinking about starting, the hobby you love, or the thing you’re most passionate about can be the beginnings of your own unique experience on Yuup. We’re always bowled over by the many talents our hosts have - from jewellery making to storytelling, cooking up a storm to creating incredible adventures, from crafts to history, wellbeing to nature. If you’ve got lots of ideas, we’re happy to help you turn your passion into an experience - simply request a callback.  

2. Find a location to host your experience 

There are lots of fantastic places where you can host experiences across the city. There are venues that cater specifically for craft experiences, group meets and more. Why not start looking in your local area for a space that would fit the bill? Don’t forget to take into account how many guests you’re likely to have for each experience. If you need a hand, just get in touch and might be able to connect you with some of the venues we already know. 

Jess Siggers hosting her Create colourful Bristol photography experience
3. Add your experience quickly and easily on Yuup.co 

Signing up doesn’t take long at all - in fact, if you create an account now you’ll be able to see the type of info you’ll need to add your experience to the platform. Once you've signed up and submitted your experience, it'll go straight to our content editor. They’ll be able to help showcase your experience and make your copy sparkle - and even have a chat with you on the phone to make sure your experience listing is the best it can be before it goes live. 

4. Take some great photos to show off your experience

Since Yuup launched, we’ve found that having natural photos of your experience in action really helps to tell the story of your experience when guests are looking for something great to do in Bristol. That’s why we’ve also got our own in-house photographer, who can come and do a shoot with you at no extra cost. If you already have some photos, even better! Simply upload them and we’ll make sure they’re cropped, edited and added to your listing. 

Tim hosting SUP Bristol's Paddleboarding harbourside adventure
5. Add your first experience dates

Finally, once your content is ready all you need to do is add your first set of experience dates. It’s easy to create regular dates in the platform. You can set up your experiences to happen weekly or monthly - and you can even add your own holiday time to hold recurring dates while you have a break. We’ve created the Yuup platform to make managing your business, including taking payments, contacting your guests to share information, checking your sales and lots more as simple as possible. So you can focus on making your experience an unforgettable one. 

You’ll find more about how to join Yuup on our host an experience page, where you can sign up now or request a callback. Or if you want to hear from our hosts, take a look at our blog where Hannah from Wild Folk and Alice from Trylla share why they've loved hosting experiences on Yuup. Here’s to new beginnings in 2021! 

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