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New epic-scale narrated drone light show coming for December

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

An aerial spectacle is coming to a sky near you this December! Imagine, hundreds of illuminated drones flying in unison in a spellbinding celebration of the living world.

Evolution, an epic drone light show which promises to take audiences on a mesmerising journey through time and space, will take place this December in Wolverhampton and Bristol to brighten up the winter's night sky!

Featuring the latest technology, a tale older than time, and a mesmerising original soundtrack, this narrated story of our existence starting at the Big Bang is a feast for all the senses. 

Adding to this cosmic event for all ages, explore the food village with festive food stalls, take a spin on the fairground rides, and get in the party spirit with music and drinks. This is going to be a spectacular evening to thrill the whole family, with doors opening well before the show starts so you can make the most of the other attractions on offer.

Award-winning storytellers Celestial are the creative collective behind this year's Evolution drone light show spectacular, and their team of creative animators, filmmakers and tech specialists have created this magical skyward production. Yuup has teamed up with Celestial to bring two epic drone light shows to the South West and West Midlands for December 2023.

Where is Evolution drone light show being held?


There are two Evolution drone light shows being held this year, one in the South West and another in the West Midlands.

Evolution West Midlands will be held at Wolverhampton Racecourse on Thursday 14 December.

Evolution Bristol will be held at the Seat Unique Stadium in Bishopston, Bristol on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21, December.

Tickets for Evolution are on a tiered ticket system, which means you can grab early bird tickets (whilst still available) from as little as £9! There are adult, child, concession, and carer tickets available.

Evolution drone light show has wheelchair access and a dedicated viewing platform for those with accessible seating tickets at both venues.

What is Evolution drone light show?

Evolution Drone Light Show is a magical story from the dawn of time, featuring some of the most iconic events and creatures to have existed since the start of the universe.

Evolution is a narrated show with an original soundtrack, watch as drones tell the story of the birth of the universe and millions of years of evolution, from the minuscule to the mighty and majestic.

This 360° show will tell the tale of single-cell organisms' humble beginnings to the dinosaurs' awe-inspiring reign. It is a great learning opportunity for small minds whilst being a soul-stirring story for all ages. Discover the roots of our existence and watch our history since the beginning blossom across the sky.

Only a stage as big as our night sky is the fitting set for immersive storytelling of extraordinary proportions, unlike anything seen before!

Who are Celestial?

Celestial are award-winning storytellers and the creative collective behind drone shows such as this year’s Eurovision and London New Year’s Eve.

Using cutting-edge technology,  Celestial has a reputation as one of the top drone show companies in the world and has produced premium shows for some of the biggest names, including Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings, Manchester City Premier League, Amnesty International, Melbourne New Year, and many more!

Celestial offers a safe and carbon-neutral alternative to traditional fireworks through mesmerising digital art. Their team of animators, tech specialists, and film-makers work to produce shows that have a strong message as well as being visually stunning.

“Evolution has been three years in the making,” said John Hopkins, Celestial's co-founder.

“This is so much more than a drone light show, it’s an experience with stadium scale, created to bring audiences together using a new medium to tell the story of time.”

Can I bring my kids to Evolution?

Evolution is a family-friendly event that is great for people of all ages. The latest showing of Evolution Drone Light Show ends just after 8pm, with there being an earlier showing in Bristol for those with younger children.

Both Wolverhampton Racecourse and Bristol's Seat Unique Stadium are open for a while after the show for those wanting to enjoy the funfair and food village after the show, but doors open well before the drone light show for those with earlier bedtimes!

Where can I get tickets for Evolution Drone Light Show?

Tickets for Evolution Drone Light Show can only be purchased through Yuup (that's us!), and we're the official ticketing partner for Evolution.

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After falling in love with Evolution, why not take a look at the hundreds of unique things you can say Yuup to?

Ready to be taken on a journey through time and space? Book tickets to Evolution in Wolverhampton and Bristol here!

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