Top 7 Bristol dance workshops to help you start dancing

Last updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024

Elegant waltzes. Upbeat jives. Fierce tangos! If you're anything like me, you may have been watching this year's Strictly Come Dancing and wishing you could grace the dancefloor with your own beautiful ballroom number. 

Luckily for us, Bristol is full of fun and upbeat dance classes to get stuck into! From ballroom dancing for beginners to Latin dance classes and belly dancing masterclasses, there's different styles of dance to suit all levels of experience. We've included classes and workshops in Oldmarket, Fishponds, Clifton and beyond, so you're sure to find a dance class near you that will send you on your way to shimmying and shaking. 

Not only is it a lot of fun, but going to a dance workshop is also a great way of keeping active. A dance class is a fantastic workout, as it's a great way of getting your heartbeat up and those endorphins pumping. So you'll be moving and keeping your well-being a boost. Nice!

And with Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start taking note of anyone who would love a dancing class as an experience gift. That person who can't stop moving? Why not give the gift of dancing and watch as they learn to dance like a pro. 

So if you're looking for ways to get into dancing, consider below the top 7 best dance classes for adults in Bristol to get you started (2022): 


  • Go on a 6-week Strictly Come Dancing-inspired course 
  • Try out a sensual burlesque chair dance workshop
  • Enjoy an LGBTQ+ Latin and ballroom weekly class
  • Go to a traditional African dance class for beginners
  • Shimmy and shake at a belly dancing masterclass
  • Perfect your Latin dance moves on a Latin rhythms course
  • Boost your wellbeing at a mindful free movement morning workshop

1. Go on a 6-week Strictly Come Dancing course for beginners 

Want to have a go at dancing a jive to a classic 1950s doo-wop song? Well, now you can! This 6-week Strictly Come Dancing-inspired course will give you the confidence and skills to waltz your way around any dancefloor.

Each week, the dance classes focus on famous and well-loved routines from the hit show, and are led by a professional dancer who has graced the floor with the likes of Anton Dubec! You will learn all about correct frames, footwork and choreography. 

These classes are designed for couples to enjoy together. So it's also a perfect way of getting to spend quality time with the people you love. Get ready to take your classic date night to the next level with this one. 

đŸ•ē 6-week Strictly Come Dancing course: £100 for 2 people


2. Have a go at a burlesque chair dancing workshop 

Lady on a chair dance burlesque dancing class in Bristol through Yuup

Fabulous feathers. Amazing cabaret glamour. Get in touch with your sensual side at a burlesque chair dancing workshop! 

This burlesque dance workshop will see you learning an iconic chair dance routine. Led by a professional burlesque artist, you will be taken through all the techniques, tricks, and choreography to help you build your confidence.

Perfect as a solo experience or with a group of friends, this workshop will see you practising your best Christina Aguilera, Lady Marmalade impressions! 

đŸ‘¯‍♀ī¸ Burlesque chair dancing workshop: £15 per person


3. Go to a LGBTQ+ friendly ballroom and Latin dance course 

Not sure whether you want to lead or follow? Well, come along to a queer-friendly dance class and find out for yourself!

These Strictly-themed dance classes are a friendly and inclusive space for you to explore your love of dance. Your hosts are experienced professional dancers and each week will focus on a different style of dancing. From the quickstep to the Charleston, you will soon be twirling circles around the dancefloor! 

đŸĒŠ LGBTQ+ friendly weekly dance class: £50 per person (for 6 sessions)


4. Go to a traditional African dance class for beginners 

Group of dancers at an African dance class for beginners in Bristol through Yuup

Looking for an upbeat dance workout that will leave you smiling for hours to come? Then look no further! This African dance class for beginners is for you. 

In this experience, you will be moving, jumping and shaking to a series of traditional African dances. Your host for this experience is Afidance's master drummer, who will use the beat of the drum to guide you. You'll be dancing to drums that originate from all over Africa – Djembe from Senegal, Kpanlogo from Ghana and more.

High-energy and sure to make you sweat, this one is sure to be a great way to relax and de-stress! 

🌎 Traditional African dance workshop for beginners: £12 per person


5. Try a belly dancing masterclass 

Not only is belly dancing a fantastic cardio workout, but it's also a huge amount of fun! In this belly dancing masterclass, an expert belly shaker will take you through all the moves step by step. Under their wing, you will learn how to shake and sway to traditional Egyptian and Turkish-style belly dances. 

This experience is perfect if you're interested in learning about new cultures. Immerse yourself in the sound of the jingle-jangle and improve your fitness along the way. And at only £8- this one's hard to beat!

✨ Belly dancing masterclass: £8 per person


6. Free movement and mindful dancing workshop 

On the hunt for a dance class that is less structured? Then why not try this free movement and mindful dance workshop!

In this experience, you will explore the well-being practise of 'free movement,' which means moving your body without any rules or structure, and following what just feels good for your body and mind. 

This workshop is led by a registered counselling psychologist, who will guide you with mindfulness techniques and prompts along the way. 

Calming and creative, this dance workshop is great for soaking up the simple joy of moving.

🧘‍♀ī¸ Mindful dance and free movement workshop: £17 per person


7. Try a Latin dancing 6-week course  

Couple dancing on a Latin dance course in Bristol through Yuup

Salsa, rumba, cha cha cha! These are just some of the iconic dances you can learn on this Latin dance course. 

This 6-week course will see you getting to grips with the movements and style involved in these famous dances! Flirty and passionate, Latin dancing is a great one to try if you're after a bit of drama, or prefer dancing to more fast-paced beats. 

You also don't need to come as a couple for this experience. So you can use it as an opportunity to get some quality me-time, all while learning something new. 

💃 Beginners Latin dancing 6-week course: £50 per person (for 6 sessions)


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