Sound Massage Date Night for Couples

This host comes to you. Available in Bristol.
1 hr 15 mins

Looking for a special, relaxing and wholesome date idea to nourish your body and soul? This unique experience uses aromatherapy, massage, singing bowls, and other harmonic instruments to put you and your partner into a deep state of relaxation and make you feel pampered.

First, you will ground your senses with a spicy cacao or golden milk drink and connect to your partner through practices such as eye gazing. Then you both lie down and follow a sound journey while different harmonic instruments are placed on and around your body to vibrate.

The session is finished off with gong aura cleansing and gentle chimes to bring you back from the deep relaxation in lowered brain waves.

During this 75-minute workshop you will experience:

  • Guided meditation to balance your body's energy centres
  • Singing bowls massage with bowls placed on your body
  • Sound bath with gongs and chimes
  • Aromatherapy with a selected blend of essential oils

This practice promotes better well-being, stress reduction, improved sleep, and many other reported health benefits.

Please avoid sound therapy if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, have a heart pacemaker, coronary stent, cardiac shunt, artificial heart valves, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), new metal inserts, implants, or staples. Some people may experience headaches as a result of feeling vibrations.

If none of the dates listed fit, please get in touch with your host to discuss other availability.

Age restrictions: 18+

Adult (price for two people) £80
Couples Session at Yogasara Therapy Room £98

How to get there

This experience will take place at your home.

Host instructions:

- Please have yoga mats, blankets and cushions ready to lay down on your floor
- Your host has a spare yoga mat in case you need one extra as well as some blankets - please let them know if that's the case


  • Host comes to you

Changes happen, don't worry

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You'll be hosted by

Aggy Rucin (She/Her)

Aggy Rucin is a macramé tutor and a sound therapist using both of these techniques to help her clients learn new skills, develop introspection and self-esteem, enter therapeutic brain waves and meditative states. From stimulating macramé workshops to relaxing sound baths she covers a spectrum of activities incorporating the use of creative craft, tarot cards and practices such as sharing circle. As her background is in ecology and nature conservation she also facilitates nature connection experiences.

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