Propagating 101: Houseplant Fundamentals Workshop

Learn how to multiply your plant collection! This workshop covers all things cuttings & propagation.

You’ll learn how different species multiply themselves, and the different ways you can propagate different plants: stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, air layering, and division. You’ll also take home some new cuttings for your growing collection!

Absolutely no experience required (and absolutely no shame – no matter how many plants you might have killed…) just a desire for happy houseplants!

You will be taught and guided by Jordan Isherwood, owner and founder of Isherwood & Co, who has several years of hands-on experience and excellent houseplant knowledge.

Jordan is extremely passionate about houseplants and is positively fizzing with excitement to share all her knowledge, tips and tricks with you!

What to expect:

  • Learn how to propagate a variety of different houseplants
  • Get your hands dirty re-potting some very happy houseplants
  • Take home new cuttings for your collection

Age restrictions: 16+

Adult £100

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