Harmony Quilt Company Ltd

Harmony Quilt Company Ltd

My name is Natalie, I’m the owner and quilter at Harmony Quilt Company. I’m very fortunate to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps in having an exceptional gift for all crafting, especially sewing and quilting. My grandmother, affectionately known as Nanny Smith, taught me to make curtains from an early age, but I was always making something or other with her off cuts, and my passion was born.

I have over 45 years sewing experience and 7 years “serious” quilting experience, and quilting is my passion. I love the piecing but struggled with the quilting on my domestic machine. February 2018. Enter the HQ Amara, a 20-inch longarm machine with a 10-foot HQ Studio2 Frame, with the Pro-Stitcher Premium software, and all my dreams were answered, I could easily quilt all my unfinished quilt tops and now there’s not one UFO on the premises.

Time to make my passion my job. And once again, another birth, Harmony Quilt Company Ltd! To offer an affordable, computerised, edge to edge, long arm quilting service to my fellow quilters, who love piecing too.

1 Experience

£12.50 / adult

6 hrs