Buskers' Banquet

Buskers' Banquet

When you attend a Buskers’ Banquet event, you can expect an intimate and special evening during which you can converse with others, enjoy a delicious three-course meal delivered by a talented chef, before listening to two incredible musical acts each performing a 30 minute acoustic set.

Whilst each Buskers’ Banquet event differs slightly in terms of structure, each event will contain an introduction from the chef who will provide some background about themselves and food, a three-course meal, the first musical act and the second musical act. The chefs, musicians and ourselves will also be mingling and chatting to you all throughout the evening.

We endeavour to seat everybody in a banquet-style and so please don’t be afraid to come on your own – by having ‘banquet-style’ seating you can be guaranteed an evening full of conversation with others.

Combining the best of the independent food and performing arts scene to create unique events dedicated to delicious flavours and incredible music.

Some of the best local food venues and chefs will be serving up a bespoke three-course menu before hosting performances by an exciting array of Bristol-based musicians.

A match made in heaven, this experience will delight both eardrums and tastebuds. This event of entertainment and feasting is a great way to experience the diverse nature of local artistry.