Molly Davies, experience curator for Yuup

Meet the team: Molly Davies, Experience Curator

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Molly is the newest member of our team so far! With a background in Medical Microbiology and Virology, she discovered Bristol's underground music scene and has been there ever since.

As an Experience Curator, her job is to hunt out Bristol's most unusual venues, hidden talents, and top-notch indie businesses. She then works with them to create new experiences to share on the Yuup platform.

She runs The Bristol Drag Collective and has helped bring countless unique drag events to venues across Bristol.

Her background in science and medicine means that she's extremely passionate about sustainability and the importance of loving local and shopping small.

So warm welcomes all round to Molly!

Hey Molly, welcome to the team! Tell us a bit about yourself?


Heya! My name is Molly and I’m a 20-something living in Bristol.

Originally from Kent, I moved to the Midlands, then London, then Bristol- so I've an accent that is so generically English no one can place it.

I’m an Experience Curator for Yuup, basically the person on the ground who reaches out to venues and creatives and dreams up new, fun experiences for our customers.

Before working at Yuup I did a quick 180 from Medical Microbiology and Virology to run DIY punk gigs around Bristol. I spent my days as a freelance virtual assistant and my nights in sweaty basements. When the pandemic happened I switched again from live bands to drag performers, and I now run The Bristol Drag Collective. I’ve been described (frequently) as chaotic, creative, and kind. I'm definitely one to think outside of the box.
Likes: I love all animals, live music, local drag, lilac nail polish, illustration (I'm an avid artist), big fake fur coats, ancient mossy forests, and giant freestanding baths.

Dislikes: Draughty houses, sneaky additives in food, and stepping in a small puddle of water whilst wearing socks. 


Thanks for sharing! Can you tell us a bit about your role at Yuup?

I’ve only been working for Yuup for a couple of weeks, so I'm the latest addition to the team. My day-to-day role involves discovering the brilliant creators and spaces in Bristol, building relationships with them, and curating experiences for them to host on Yuup.

I wanted to join Yuup as I noticed they had a habit of hiring brilliant women and have a solid business model. 

Career and leadership workshops for women in Bristol
And, so far, what’s your favourite thing about working for Yuup?

The freedom to pursue relationships with companies I believe in. There's an emphasis on building and supporting communities and small independents which is very in line with my personal ethos and buying habits. 

Have you got your eyes on any experiences to try out?

I'm really looking forward to some sweet animal experiences on the platform! Any excuse to hang out with animals really! I’d also like to try all the printmaking and pottery workshops. 

Printmaking workshops in Bristol
Good choices there! What's the best thing about living in Bristol? 

I don’t think there is one thing that is the best thing about living in Bristol.

The city as a whole is chock-full of great venues, independent businesses, stellar events, and beautiful parks and green spaces. If I had to choose I would say the viewpoints which are many, and often come at you out of the blue as you’re walking from one place to the next – suddenly you glance down an alleyway and see the whole city splayed out before you. 

We have to agree with you there! Have you got any favourite haunts or hidden gems in Bristol?


I could write an entire listicle on my favourite haunts and hidden gems but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet-ish. If I had a day and unlimited budget to go to all my favourite places in Bristol I would: 

Wake up at The Artist Residence, feel like royalty, have a bath and eat tiny macarons. 
Get my morning coffee from Lost Horizon Coffee – a tiny roastery next to Lakota.
Have brunch at Cafe Kino and reminisce about sweaty basement gigs.
Get a cake from The Bristolian.
Head to The Gallimaufry for an early-afternoon half and to see what shows are on that week.
Mooch around the charity shops on Gloucester Road, then wind my way up to The Downs and walk across to the Clifton Observatory to view the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Travel down to The Giants Cave and read about the legend of the Bristol Giants.
Visit Otomi and buy some niche Mexican chilli sauces.
Have a lite bite of sushi at Kibou.
Walk through the Clifton Cemetary to Whiteladies road and then have a bit more sushi at Nomu on Whiteladies Road.
Head to The Highbury Vaults for a pint and game of bar billiards then go to The Lanes for bowling and pizza. 
Go for cocktail no.1 at The Raven and get my tarot read and then meander to The Scarlett Lantern for a nightcap. 
Get a taxi up to Troopers Hill to look at the stars.

Wine tasting events in Bristol
That's a pretty good list of places to check out! So what would your perfect weekend in Bristol look like?


 All of the above for Saturday, with a meal at Muino on Friday night followed by drinks at HMSS and The Crying Wolf.

Sunday would consist of a trip to Chew Valley Animal Park to go to their tiny animal petting corner and see the Patagonian Maras, followed by an afternoon of spa treatments at the Bristol Harbour Hotel and a burger at Asado

So is there anything else we should know about you? 


My hobbies are numerous. I like creating things with my hands from garish earrings to flower crowns to clay flower pots that look like skulls. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist and illustrator; the hobby that I’m really missing is switching off. 

My hopes and dreams for the future fluctuate and change. Part of me wants to go on a world tour with an all queer and femme band, playing every city on the globe as we go. The other part of me wants to retire early to a smallholding, rescue animals, and host workshops in becoming more in-tune with nature.

Interested in hearing more about us? Meet more of the team here, read our story here, or see how you can become a host.

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