Mary Maddocks

Mary is a textile artist and the creator of this experience. She was a London lawyer when she bought her first loom and taught herself to weave. What started out as a hobby to do in the evenings soon became a passion and she decided to leave law to focus full time on weaving, sharing her passion with others through her workshops. She left London for Bristol two years ago in search of a slower pace and to be closer to the countryside. One of the many reasons Mary loves weaving is that there are few rules and there is huge scope to be creative and express your own personality and style. She finds the process of weaving both meditative and freeing and enjoys being able to share this with her weaving students. Her weaving experiences give people a chance to completely switch off and explore their creativity in a relaxed, supportive environment. Mary's woven work is heavily influenced by the natural world and her travels in nature. Her first book "Weaving" published by Quadrille has just been released.

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