Deborah Antoinette Performance

Deborah Antoinette Performance

Deborah Antoinette Performance revolves around theatre and storytelling. Expect transformational workshops, original theatre sketches & performance storytelling. If you're looking to work with a critically acclaimed artist and explore your inner world through creative performance - you've come to the right place!

Deborah has been facilitating performance workshops for over eight years. After studying theatre alongside writing critically acclaimed shows, she discovered her passion for helping others to reawaken their imagination, express themselves and enjoy the power of play.

Deborah's certainly found her calling. Take it from these guests:

"I was so buzzed after last night's workshop and feel great today for the challenge of exploring play. My partner said I looked really alive when I came down, and I felt like my eyes were sparkling. It's like magic!" - Imaginarium online workshop member

"Deborah casts spells over her audience as if storytelling is witchcraft - she is enchanting and captivating" - Storytelling Sundays at Hamilton House audience member

2 Experiences

£25 / adult

3 hrs

£150 / adult

1 day 6 hrs 0 mins